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S.D.I. - 80s Metal Band

80s Metal Band
by Quinten Serna at 15 February 2020, 11:37 AM

A return to form is no easy tasking for anyone, much less the return to a Speed Metal onslaught with 31 years in between any manner of album release and yet S.D.I. has done such with their latest release - the tongue in cheek - “80s Metal Band”, and while the members may have changed, the formula and the subject manner have remained the same; I believe it a manner worth mention - in the middle of a sentence at that - that this band has always had a crass attitude reflected in their music, such that it becomes difficult to discern just where exactly the levity ends whereupon they manage to fall somewhere between the likes of SPINAL TAP, WITCHFINDER GENERAL and THE MENTORS.

What other track could start off the album other than the eponymous “80s Metal Band”? A testament and homage to the band’s origins, playing out almost like an anthem with a full chorus designed to get you to sing along. “Freeride” commences with a motor feeding into a fast paced guitar riff that eventually derives into a palm muted variant for the verse; Reinhard’s voice in this song sounds eerily similar to Zeeb Parkes which is all manners of amazing and frightening. “Porno” is an odd song with an intense bass run leading into the song itself, this song is as crass as it gets for the band with a cringing break to match although the song reminds me of some of the more upbeat background music from the Leisure Suit Larry games which is either an exacting intention or amazing coincidence. “(Let The) Ball Run” has an odd construction to it having several altering sections to each verse and progression that change abruptly, the vocal delivery is oddly similar to FALCO.

The shortest and fastest song on the record, “I Hate You”, is about as true to form as it gets focused on the riff and progression above all other, which serves its function being a straightforward and driving song filled with energetic motions. The ending song, which is unique to boot, is “She Said” which commences under a more relaxed groove type of beat which continues unchanged until the last verse wherein the instruments speed up a bit more before completely departing and progressing into a traditional speed metal form for the ending, but the song does end leaving the listener wanting. The instruments are well mixed and organized with one another, save for a few spots which feel intentionally syncopated - such as the previously mentioned “Porno”, the vocals themselves are off-putting but in a way that’s charming under the right conditions.

Overall the album is pretty hilarious with some very classic sounding riffs behind the humorous façade, if you can manage to get past the stringed vocals, odd harmonies, and facetious lyrics you’d find yourself enjoying the musings of some metal heads who never grew up, and as Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins said, “It’s a fine line between stupid and clever”.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. 80s Metal Band
2. Freeride
3. Porno
4. Action
5. Trash
6. Sneaky War
7. (Let The) Ball Run
8. Here And Now
9. Back Against The Wall
10. I Hate You
11. Dead And Gone
12. She Said
Reinhard Kruse - Bass, Vocals
Christoph Olbrich - Drums
Daniel Ha - Guitars
Record Label: MDD Records


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