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Sørgelig - We, The Oblivious

We, The Oblivious
by Craig Rider at 11 January 2020, 12:29 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SØRGELIG; hailing from Greek grounds - performing Black Metal, on their sophomore release entitled: "We, The Oblivious" (released November 1st, 2019).

Since formation in 2017; the quartet in question have 2 EPs entitled: "Forever Lost" (released June 13th, 2017), and "Devoted To Nothingness" (released January 20th, 2019). As well as 2 albums entitled: "Apostate" (released May 1st, 2018), and this here sophomore album entitled: "We, The Oblivious" of which I am introduced to. 7 tracks ranging at around 35:46 - SØRGELIG arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. The opening salvo: "The Rain That Haunts My Tomb" begins the record; showcasing an adroit blend of amplified adrenaline, demonic anguish & boistrously bouncy flamboyancy. Fabricating extreme noise terror; a blistering barrage of frenzied fretworks, and frolicking gallops. Chugging hymns of hardened haste, creatively distinguished complexity & gnarly deadliness.

Consisting of NCRVZRS on guitars; the rhythmic mayhem embellishes on experimental nimbleness, rapidly swifting with thunderously rampaging savagery. "Still-Born Eyes" manifests meticulous ramifications with speedy voraciousness; radical pessimism, and a organic substance of monstrously meaty atmosphere. Fuelled with a sense of hostile hatred; Odious on vocals demonstrates an agonizing enrichment of rawly rough raspiness, venomous spits & shreiking malevolence. Screaming with throaty snarls that rage with profusely robust torment, full of hellish disgust and a distorted bombardment of quintessential virtuosity diversed into a dynamically dextrous element of maddening harmonies – especially in the trailblazing pandemonium of "Σάρκες" (which means "Flesh" in English).

Powerhouse pummeller N.D. (also multi-musician & songwriter) hammers his drums with steely precision; rambunctiously portraying momentously primitive snares, ruthlessly vibrant negativity & potent misery. "I Am Not" is another frantic shredder; roaring with ripping bass audibility from Reactive, who thumps & pulsates into a thick maelstrom of tight versatility. Revolved around a uniquely vehement slab of solid foundations, engaging borderline filth & sleazy yet languid grooves execute a bleeding sound production with melodies that punches with sonically seamless stability. "Ζωντανός νεκρός" (which supposedly translates to "Zombie") decends into a chaotic flair of crunchy firepower, quirky snappiness & progressively technical perseverence - solidified with old-school surges of razor-sharp skill.

The penultimate song: "A Thousand Skies To Drown In" is an 8:46 belter; full of monolithic monotones, rumbling misery & impassioned howls amalgamating droning instrumentation while culminating apathetic orchestration. Oozing out ominous overarchs of outrè panache, smothered with suffering pursuits that distils a harrowing disdain and a fierce trial of merciless tribulation. Overall concluding "We, The Oblivious" with the finale face-melter: "We Are All Just Wanderers In Oblivion"; I am compelled to say that SØRGELIG certainly delivered an excelling concept of blackened doom, chaotic intensity & immersively detestable grime that seethes with total nastiness. Pretty much indicating that you are nothing, and the world is a pointless cesspool of stranding death – decaying into despair & emptiness.

Bottom line; those who understand this formulaic will definitely enjoy this experience, an enlightening & fulfilling discovery that depressive Black Metal representatives will relish in hearing - check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Sound Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Rain That Haunts My Tomb
2. Still-Born Eyes
3. Σάρκες
4. I Am Not
5. Ζωντανός νεκρός
6. A Thousand Skies to Drown In
7. We Are All Just Wanderers in Oblivion
NCRVZRS - Guitars
Odious - Vocals
N.D. - Drums
Reactive - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 06 August 2020

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