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Sabatan - Fire Angel (CD)

Fire Angel
by Michael Dalakos at 04 November 2006, 9:16 AM

Spain. Like every other Mediterranean country Spain is mostly known for its traditional / classic metal acts. Sabatan are one of the most known underground acts in this field from this country. They have released a series of demo / mini CD's and they are considered a quite popular act even abroad. An interesting trivia about them is the fact that they featured in the past the ex-Dark Moor / current Dreamaker singer Elisa C. Martin.
In Fire Angel now the band shows a bit different face than they did in the past. Their sound has been revamped towards a more modern style and to be honest with you this was a bit of a turn down for me. Without totally losing grip from their roots they incorporate elements of modern metal that doesn't fit right in my opinion. Two other things also caused me a headache. First is the production that definitely could have been much better. I understand that an underground act doesn't have the luxury of an expensive production - still from such an experienced act I expected something better. Also the new singer Miguel is not of my taste. Though he has a good voice that fits nicely with the bands modern attitude I can say that he impressed me (not to say that he often annoyed me).
My opinion is that this change of direction won't work in favor of the band. I can understand and respect their need to try something different but thinking about it they should probably stick to what they know best - classic heavy metal that is… album highlights: When Death Rubs Hands and Seprent King

2 Star Rating

When Death Rubs Hands
Serpent King
Seeds Of Serenity
Edge Of Life
Not Surrender
Fire Angel
Live On
Stay Heavy
Terror Mind
Nothing Left
Pay Or Die
David Ballester - Guitars
Marco Marouco - Bass
Eduardo Olmos - Drums
Ricardo Ruiz - Guitars
Miguel Corte-Real - Vocals
Record Label: Self Financed


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