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Sabaton - Attero Dominatus (CD)

Attero Dominatus
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 August 2006, 4:14 PM

The time the writing for this review was over, I decided to alter the present paragraph a little bit. Hmmm, another Swedish Power Metal band; I wonder how much of interest can this release be capable of was the initial intro; This Swedish Power Metal band does have something of interest to say with this release is what occurred to be penned. Like it or not (the album), Sabaton's newest album will draw your attention for sure before you decide if you're 'into' this style or not.
Who recalls the name 'Underground Symphony'? I wonder if this label is still around… Having released some brilliant European Power Metal albums (hail to Doomsword!) in the late 90's/early 00's, the 'weird' Italians did also 'officially' put out the Swedish sextet's Fist For Fight compilation of the two first demos (originally printed in the year 2000 in 600 copies) in a limited digipack edition in 2001, prior to the release of the normal debut album entitled Metalhead. Well, this album was recorded but never did it see the light of day (or mist of night)…
Three years did the Swedish act wait for that album to be released; I never saw it coming out. Still, to refuse the past is a big step to success and Sabaton's march did carry on in 2004 with Primo Victoria; now in the Black Lodge label things seemed to keep up in pace again. I recall this album gaining rave reviews for both the musical and lyrical path (This concept album treats the subject of war and bears a Latin title with the meaning The First Victory. The intention was that this would be Sabaton's first victory as well as a tribute to the brave allied soldiers who landed at Normandy some 60 years ago reads an excerpt in the band's official bio).
For the untried: Sabaton - in general - deal with Epic/Symphonic European Metal but far way from the typical bands we all brought in mind right now. Not also in the 'primitive' way of the 80s US Epic Metal scene, Sabaton's 'approach' is familiar to the likes of bands such as Doomsword ('pomp'-ness), Rhapsody (narration), Manowar (spirit), Tierra Santa (stoicism) and some other bands. Attero Dominatus, in particular, draws the listener's attention due to its simplified power, its exciting 'war-like' feeling, its medieval melodies, its classic Metal soloing, its heroic-yet-fascinating vocal harmonies. Classic Metal music mixed with a petite portion of the Rhapsody 'seed' plus a good doze of Scandinavian 'epic' feeling is the recipe for this release.
Attero Dominatus means Destroy The Leader; even if the album will not destroy your ears it is a quite remarkable approach of Metal music in Europe in our days. Especially for the 'average' Power Metal fan (Hammerfall and the rest of the clan) this album will be a rather good surprise, boasting a fine mix of the 'new' and the 'old'. Proceed, if satisfied by the current review.

3 Star Rating

Attero Dominatus
Nuclear Attack
Rise Of Evil
In The Name Of God
We Burn
Angels Calling
Back In Control
A Light In The Black
Metal Crue
Oskar Montelius - Guitars
Daniel Mullback - Drums
Par Sundstrom - Bass
Rickard Sunden - Guitars
Joakim Broden - Vocals
Daniel Myhr - Keyboards
Record Label: Black Lodge


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