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Sabbatic Goat - Imprecations Of Black Chaos Award winner

Sabbatic Goat
Imprecations Of Black Chaos
by Danny Sanderson at 24 June 2014, 7:56 PM

 Some bands are often overlooked due to their geographical location. There are some places on this Earth that seem, to many, to be so far off the beaten track that it appears hard to believe that Metal could thrive, let alone be spawned from these countries. One of these places is New Zealand. With the exception of a few notable bands like 8 FOOT SATIVA, the average Metal fan might be led to believe that this sparsely populated land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has very little to offer in terms of Heavy Metal. But, when you look into it with even the slightest bit of depth, it is clear that this country has a thriving Extreme Metal community bubbling just below its surface. It's isolated situation and sparse population makes it an ideal breeding ground for genres like Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom Metal. SABBATIC GOAT are one of the few bands that combine all three into one noxious Extreme Metal brew. After forming in 2011 and releasing their first demo in the same year, they appear to have opted to take their time in the writing of this new release, which was unleashed upon the world in March of this year. And it has definitely benefited from the wait.

This demo opens with an atmospheric intro, "Breath of the Abomination", which, although very short at only fifty seconds long, makes you anticipate the chaos that is about to come, and builds an eerie aura. And then "Flesh and Might" kicks into gear. It's exactly what Black Metal was originally meant to sound like; it's raw, it's primitive, it's coarse and it's harsh. "Chaos Ritual" is very much the same, combining the best of Death and Black Metal to create an absolutely vicious sounding tune. This reminds me of the early work of bands like MARDUK, if they had chosen to go down a slightly more Death Metal orientated path. This demo closes with a cover of the song "Into Damnation Eternal", a song originally by cult Black Metal legends BLACK WITCHERY. This is a pretty good release, and it showcases a band that are finding their own place in this crazy Extreme Metal landscape, who have combined the best of various genres in order to create their own take on it. The production could have been better, but then again, the vast majority of Black Metal records could do with a better production. In every other regard, this demo is brilliant.

This demo shows a lot of promise for this band. It balances all the key element of underground Death, Doom and Black Metal, and combine them without making it sound too weird. With any luck, SABBATIC GOAT will continue to write music of this calibre, build on their many strengths and begin to reach audiences far beyond the shores of their homeland.

4 Star Rating

1. Breath of the Abomination
2. Flesh and Might
3. Chaos Ritual
4. Into Damnation Eternal (Black Witchery Cover)
BD - Bass, Vocals
NB - Guitars, Vocals
DM - Guitars
KB - Drums
Record Label: Vault Of Dried Bones


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