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Sabotage - The Order of Genocide

The Order of Genocide
by Quinten Serna at 11 September 2019, 9:28 PM

Independent, unsigned, and stark from Mumbai, India, SABOTAGE, has about themselves a type of unbridled rage and energy unfound both within modern and old school acts, such that every strum, pick, beat, and sung note hang within the ears of the listener as a sort of recessed and hidden aggression guides each sound.

The debut EP commences with its title’s sake “The Order of Genocide”. An acoustic lead is met with the bend in full overdrive as they slowly segue in the song, a harbinger of the invidious and caustic soundscape to follow. The true drive of the song starts up right upon the minute mark signifying an exacting change between the passive instrumental and the polemically charged Thrash Metal that defines the band. The theme continues immediately with the next song “Failed is the Law,” a tight fast paced piece bearing enough political contrasts and voicings to make Dave Mustaine ask for more. “Bloodthirst” sounds straight out of 1984 both in sound and definition, the vocal melody and solo following the rhythm creates a tensed atmosphere instilling the song with energy and drive. The final track is “Public Enemy” an increasingly fast groove is coupled with a spaced guitar melody whose rhythm matches the kick—the song changes pace several times even adding in blast beats and double bass.

The guitars are raunchy, restricted, and dirty harboring back to more Punk-esque sounds rather than the more defined tones of Thrash and Speed Metal, though the implementation suits the band exceptionally. The drums on the other hand are old school Trash Metal, not a lot of diversity though almost none is ever needed: tight and solid the drums are clear and distinct. The bass itself is also very clear and defined yet never enough to draw attention away from the soundscape as a whole. The vocals are peculiar as they are unusually defined and discrete for Thrash Metal, yet have this sort of chorus or ensemble added to them almost giving a mechanical or robotic sort of feel to Anand’s voice, not dissimilar to using a hard limiter to clip someone’s singing.

As a whole this EP is politically charged and unforgiving a statement forever emblazoned in cyberspace. The raw energy and performance of the pieces is a testament to the band’s ideology and sound design as they continue to carve out their niche, hopefully a full length album is not too far out of the ways for a band with this aptitude.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Order of Genocide
2. Failed is the Law
3. Bloodthirst
4. Public Enemy
Rahul Bhatt - Bass
Malhar Bhanushali - Drums
Yash Pujarii - Guitars (lead)
Cyril John Thomas - Guitars (rhythm)
Anand Mulgund - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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