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Saccage - Khaos Mortem

Khaos Mortem
by Craig Rider at 16 September 2020, 12:18 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SACCAGE; signed via PRC Music, hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Black/Thrash Metal/Crust, on their 3rd album entitled: "Khaos Mortem" (released September 20th, 2019).

Since formation in 2007; the quartet in question have 2 Demos, 2 Splits; 1 EP, 1 Compilation & 3 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: "Khaos Mortem"; 11 tracks ranging at around 29:03, SACCAGE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black/Thrash Metal/Crust amalgamations.

Opening up with the black/doomy riffage: "Déchirure"; SACCAGE unleash a barraged frenzy of some rapidly swit nimbleness, boisterously bouncy grooves and a blistering calamity of this wildly rushing manifestation merging this meticulous meatiness of monstrously volatile mayhem. Rollicking this thunderous yet rampant storm of tempestuously skyrocketing savagery; converging the other-worldly profanation of blasphemous but blackened atmosphere, blended into a borderline foundation in gnarly aesthetics brilliantly culminate an intriguing implemention and a healthy dose of some crunchy crust/thrash viscerality.

Consisting of Nate on guitars/backing vocals; the sonic riffer trailblazes with some uniquely versatile vehemence, while showcasing this relentlessly seamless vibrancy with quirky snappiness & organic substance…this razor-sharp maelstrom primitively shreds with rawly rough distortion and a concretely gritty synergy of systematic strums that chug into a galloping rift of weighty tightness. "Souillure Spectrale" momentously strikes with monolithic tempos while quintessentially providing this virtuose triggering with this profusely robust might that surges this riveting ramification with outrè panache, and a frantic forge in intense but berserking grandiose in bulldozing chaos.

Phat on vocals/bass injects an audible bass injection; frolicking with thumpy punchiness, while lacerating killer yet venomously rompy rhythms with melodious extremity. Experimenting a hybrid dimension of grinding flexibilities while sulphurously demonstrating a chiselling contrast in immense adrenaline, amplified hooks and fierce firepower and expertise that will rattle your heads in an engaging warfare of rumbling reverberation while snapping necks as an inner insanity posesses you to break chairs over other chairs! The vocals solidify this raspy throatiness of sinister snarls that growl into a guttural flamboyancy of deadly brutality.

"Acouphène Funéraire" crafts a dynamic dexterity in constructive complexities in speedy velocity, this zestfully yet salubrious pursuit in groundbreaking heat in which revel with an incredible amount of potently maddening slayings that will stampede and implode your brain and move your soul into a spellbinding ritual of tribal piledriving with rambunctious hammering from battering drummer Alexis…his crazed slams throttle with malevolent hostility, drum cymbals crush and pummel with pounding patterns that flow into a funky but distilled density in integral haste.

"Malsaint-Roch" summons this maniacal demonizing but fuelling a demented element in which rampages with upbeat madness; steely precision that kicks with more ballistic droniness, impactful quakes & this silver-lining attribute in inflammatory aggression (of the fun and good kind of course). "Chaosphère" is in the title; this spectrum of pulsating pandemonium, ruthless havoc and uproarious stability of steaming chunkiness invades eardrums with massive strength & full force noise terror… an impending combustion of explosive bangs and addictive groove-bombs take over your presence to mosh to, like a C4 attached hysteric madman who is hell-bent on destruction and suicidal tendencies.

"Jugement (le régicide eurythmique)" is a genocide in bombast, blitzkreig and domination. This viciously ten ton behemoth is a distinctively distinguished technicality which wickedly portrays this radical remedy with ripping maliciousness; while this wave of punishing roudiness renegades with persistent perseverence, prompt subtlety & resonant skill resulting in a drilling compoment of sturdy prestige. Main vocalist Dhan contributes a gruff thickness; this deep, but low guttural growl raises the bar as blood-curdling foreboding screams yells with gruesome finesse that scours like a hardened heft of jarring heaviness in crisp fatality.

"Ivresse Libératrice" conjures up more progressively symbolic tenacities in tenaciously mesmerising overdrives that will clench fists as you punch the air into oblivion. Motoring a fluidly polished thrill of towering quantum proficiencies, methodically leaping into an oppressive orchestration of whirlwinding loudness. Trembing with strident oomphs, "ohs" and evil empowering characteristics that will engage a charging demolishing from within.

"Aversion Oecuménique" boosts a driving drift in innovative hype; smothering schorching scatterings of sweltering, crushing fretworks full of cyclonic and blood-thirsty turbulent bestiary in hysteria. "Le Débaucheur" is a corrupt debauchery of sorts; this onslaught of tribulation, raising furnace in fiery retribution & rebellion serves your speakers well to ruinate your surroundings with mischief subjugation with this slice of slick premise of immense disorder.

The penultimate track: "Mort par la mort" is a brilliant cover from the mighty NUNSLAUGHTER; it's a short mammoth that will revolve around a homicidal flair of belligerence, and barbaric but a mercilessly rabid oscilliation that ravenously stems with slaughterous neck-breaking in mind. Overall concluding "Khaos Mortem" with the epic finishing… and bruising belter: "La kermesse du charnier"; I am compelled to say that SACCAGE deliver an established offering of these sub-genres in a diligently detailed fashion that while short in length, these performances shine with a bunch of replay value & remarkably splendid outbursts of outrage that will most certainly beg to be placed in your collection of terrorizing but inhuman excellency. A discovery in which has earned this group a new fan! Check it out, you maniacs will love it.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Déchirure 01:37
2. Souillure Spectrale 02:58
3. Acouphène Funéraire 02:32
4. Malsaint-Roch 03:19
5. Chaosphère 03:12
6. Jugement (le régicide eurythmique) 02:11
7. Ivresse Libératrice 02:43
8. Aversion Oecuménique 02:40
9. Le Débaucheur 02:50
10. Mort par la mort (Nunslaughter tribute) 01:16
11. La kermesse du charnier 03:45
Nate's - Guitars/Vocals (Backing)
Phat - Vocals/Bass
Dhan - Vocals
Alexis - Drums
Record Label: PRC Music


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Edited 13 June 2021

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