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Sacramentia - IX

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 May 2022, 3:33 PM

To play extreme Metal genres in Brazil is a long tradition. Since the days when names as DORSAL ATLÂNTICA with “Antes do Fim”, SEPULTURA with “Bestial Devastation”, VULCANO with “Live!” and the compilation “Warfare Noise” brought to the world CHAKAL, HOLOCAUSTO (today HOLOCAUSTO WAR METAL), MUTILATOR and SARCÓFAGO, the extreme Metal way was paved for the future. Today, a lot of bands play extreme genres to despair of conservative South American people. And one heir of this inheritance is the quintet SACRAMENTIA, hailing from São João da Boa Vista (São Paulo), and here they’re with their second album, “IX”.

They’re a Death/Black Metal act that plays in a vein near of what can be called ‘Brazilian Blackened Death Metal’, earning influences from classic acts of the past as SLAYER (some elements heard on “Condemnation” show this aspect clearly), but with a mature and personal approach. And comparing this release with their first album, “Prophecies of Plague”, things sound a step ahead, because they evolved a lot, but keeping the weighty and aggressiveness of their music. So let yourself be tormented by their music. Once more, the band hired Gabriel Costa Netto to produce their work, having the hands of Ademir Filho as co-producer (who gave a helping hand with the studio and gears of Falcão Produções). And “IX” is the very first extreme Metal album recorded there. The sonority is crude as Brazilian extreme Metal bands like to do, but defined and in a way that can be assimilated by the senses.

Bring to the fans a conceptual album (based on a different insight on Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy”), this album is a deep dive into what Brazilian extreme Metal inner musical core. And a bit on songs as “Between the Knowledge and the Valley of the Forgotten” (a song filled with many rhythmic changes, with contrasts between fast and slow moments, with a solid work of bass guitar and drums), “Condemnation” (a catchy song filled with many Thrash/Black Metal elements, and with melodic touches, especially during the guitar solos), “Convicted by Gold” (a massive and sinister approach with screams being entwined by nasty guitar riffs), “Beyond the Eyes of the Heretics” (another song based on slow parts with a morbid and funereal ambience, an inheritance of what MAYHEM left), and “The Laws of Malebolgia” (a song with a very good and dynamical technical approach in some parts) are proof that a good name is arising here.

Let Virgil took your hand into a travel into the netherworld. And “IX” is the right soundtrack for such a voyage. And it states that SACRAMENTIA is here to stay.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Between the Knowledge and the Valley of the Forgotten
2. Condemnation
3. Halls of Cerberus
4. Convicted by Gold
5. Sink
6. Beyond the Eyes of the Heretics
7. Whispers of Repeteance
8. The Laws of Malebolgia
9. In Absentia
Renan Bezan - Vocals
André Guimarães - Guitars
Guilherme Mendes - Guitars
Guilherme Melo - Bass
Leonardo Michelazzo - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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