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Sacred Legacy - The Legacy Begins

Sacred Legacy
The Legacy Begins
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 24 July 2014, 10:29 PM

Thrash Metal makes short to what this band does, the technic implicit in all the album goes along with the melodies, and for sure this is not the classical “to the pedal” sound, it has much more, beginning from the composition, to the quality of production, and that’s something to be grateful, since in thrash we have been used to hear that raw sound, that even when it has make a name for the subgenre, has also block a natural progression.

This is not any Thrash Metal band, as I was saying talent and technical movements are part of this release, the music is pretty good, they have that modern/back in time sound that makes a band more powerful, the vocals are pretty catchy, lines made of phrase and with that harsh that sound perfect.

As for the music it’s full of rhythm changes, but keeping the melody strong for the sound, there are no highlight solos or something, but they are not needed, because the good part it’s the complement that all the instruments make along the tracks fall, like the strong bass lines, the constantly changing drums, melodic guitars, knowing when to pull it up, or slow it down.

Look: it’s like returning to the beginning of the 2000, when the bands where striking, when the melodies still had a meaning, but this is 2014, the times changes, that may play against SACRED LEGACY, but as far as I’m concerned, I love this release, I love this production, count me in, I’m now one of your biggest fans, and maybe someone that reads this, who knows, maybe someone still find funny these lines.

4 Star Rating

1. Into The Pit
2. Death Sentence
3. Requiem For Eternal Life
4. Severance of Human Emotion
5. The Legacy Begins
6. Symbols To The Simple Minds
7. New World Obsession
8. Crimson Rain
9. From Serenity To Calamity
10. Possessed By Our Possessions
11. The Great Mysteries of Our Failed Existence
Ali Azzam - Bass
Ismail Waheed - Drums
Ahmed Shahyd - Guitars
Ahmed Ikram - Guitars, Keyboards
Ali Ashraf - Vocals
Record Label: STF Records


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