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Sacred Oath - Fallen

Sacred Oath
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 20 May 2013, 3:35 PM

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Currently, there are so many classic reunions happening, hoping to fulfill our dreams, and yet the re-established bands seem to be releasing mediocre albums with a dearth of inspired effort. This paltry new material seems to pale by comparison to the landmark revelations which these acclaimed acts created back in the day.

With the exception to the latest work by SATAN, and now traditional U.S. Metal system lords SACRED OATH, overall, I have been tremendously disappointed. Thankfully, the Metal spells and incantations of the sacred oath conducted under the tutelage of the powerful Rob “Thorne” Volpintesta and his reunited band of visibly dark visionaries continues to set the world on fire.

With the release of “Fallen” the classic line-up of “Crystal Vision” have re-united to celebrate 25 years of this now cult creation. Rob Thorne has actively kept SACRED OATH current ever since 2007, and he has continued to release several quality albums. However, this is the one fans have been most anticipating. Bassist Pete Altieri, himself describes the album as being, “…Pure magic. I knew this was special, but until I sat down today to listen to “Fallen” mastered and complete, I didn’t realize how much. This is truly a gift from the Metal gods to all of us!”

The beginning guitar death spell and adrenaline rush and roll of the bones crunch for “King Of Your World” sets the pace for what to expect with this high and mighty mastered and well-produced by Thorne's epic. The foreboding pleasure enslavement and 'til death do us partake sultry taste of “The Way Of All Flesh” will have you building a ruin for all those who are worn out with no soul to heal. I cherish the eerie keyboard effects reminiscent to what DEEP PURPLE now did on the new song “Vincent Price” from “Now What?!”.

There seems to be a constant lurking fear – a prominent presence of perseverance with each scourge of sin. The crux of the lyrics focus on the struggle of human nature, and the ever present darkness visible, when death is inevitable. Thorne's high pitch piercing shrill serves to emphasize the suffering of the fallen man. Each severe guitar lick, promises to bury you alive, as each pounding smash of the drums and strike of the beastly bass like that heard on “Lurking Fear” leaves you encountering zero tolerance for anything but absolution. Even if on this particular track Thorne chooses to sing a bit rougher, the song itself leaves you enraptured in a bold storm of frenzied kinetics.

The gloaming curse of the “Death Knell” will leave you caught in the arc of the coveted bond to never break the oath. The intense imagery of “Dream Death” makes one wonder if these nightmares will ever end, and what the dark will undo. I relish the gang vocals which pervade like an invasion of the insane. The sumptuous temptations of her lust-filled piercing black “Snake Eyes” will ensnare you in this constant cry for help in the raging battle of the flesh. Take a gander at the lyrical based video which can be viewed below.

The hallucinogenic dark ride and promise of agony felt from the scorn of abuse as purported with “Misery Loves Company” assures the impending signs of damnation, if one continues down this highway to hell. If there is any hope of salvation, then “Get Your Wings” will help you to meet your maker as you soon discover we are all forever damned! Thorne's intonations and impassioned frustrations are clearly felt with each sign of betrayal of the innocence of feigned belief.

If paradise is truly lost, then the front line assault for the imposing title track, replete with acoustic interludes, choirs, and choral chants is consistent with the grand scale closing cuts the band employs like with “The Golden Dawn”, or “World On Fire”. I have always been an avid supporter for SACRED OATH. Thorne has always been generous with me, providing me advanced promos for his masterful creations. It is a true honor to highly recommend this self-fulfilled prophecy to you.

4 Star Rating

1. King of Your World
2. Death Knell
3. Lurking Fear
4. Misery Loves Company
5. Aradia (Instrumental)
6. Get Your Wings
7. The Way of All Flesh
8. Dream Death
9. Snake Eyes
10. Fallen
Rob Thorne – Vocals
Glen Cruciani – Guitars
Pete Altieri – Bass, Backing Vocals
Kenny Evans – Drums, Percussion
Record Label: MVD Audio


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