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Sacred Oath - Ravensong Award winner

Sacred Oath
by Camila Guimarães Almeida at 13 August 2015, 12:08 AM

Behold, here we are with the newest work of Americans of "Sacred Oath", a band whose career is already well established in the metal scene, having launched their first Demo way back in 1985. It is a band with strong influences from Power Metal, but with the same harshness and torn vocal from bands of Thrash Metal. A mixture which particularly pleases me very much.

Begins the album "Ravensong" with the title track "Death Kills" that brings an old guard printed in riffs strident guitars and very well put together with the rhythm guitar. The musicality of the guys already expresses a much higher maturity, given the years that are in the metal scene, with an intricate introduction and riffs that blur the line between heavy and catchy.

With "Taken" we see a greater presence of melody, extremely fast riffs and present throughout the song bringing a different compass the footprint of the guys, and the song ends up taking your breath away. The body of work came together homogeneously and that did work out the harmony between all the elements present in the music.

"Necrodancer" starts in a very dark fashion, with a very gloomy keyboard arrangement, introducing the other elements in the same fashion. The following initiates a consistent construction of foundations and very pleasant musicality. The song has taken quieter and cleaner vocals, bringing almost a "ballad song" environment; in my view this kind of music should be present later in the album, being only the third track the impression it gives the impression the band "tired" and engaged in exploring less speed and aggression imposed previously on other songs, even though in the final seconds of the song there is still more torn vocals and a faster melody.

And now before the album's title track, we understand the music better when it came to "Sacred Oath". The song has an introduction with a footprint that makes you want to start a moshpit head banging around, and following in behind various elements of Power Metal, a more serious vocal and decreasing the speed of the song. This is the typical song that a band that carries the label of Power Metal and need to have in your library, a harmony between the instruments of string and percussion giving an emphasis to the grave of Mr. Rob, giving this group the title of "ballad song".

I don't know in what order things happened in the composition of this album, but the song was born before the disc name, I think it was deserved to have been the album name, it prints precisely the elements necessary to be a devoted band, and so we believe it is no wonder that it's been 30 years for these guys.

"So Cold" reminded me a bit of the sound of ICED EARTH; the singer has a really serious that sounds beautiful in the notes that reach deeper tones, and makes the band just that little more unique. The speed of the band in this song is not the same as the beginning of the disc, but at this point justifies the order of things, and perhaps "Necrodancer" now makes more sense to me.

With "Live and Burn" we have a very dark strumming on guitars, accompanied by a more lilting bass, however, both in lower tone giving a climate of "thriller" to the climax of the song. Arriving shortly thereafter accompanied by beautiful riffs and bass lines very well executed bringing the pace and while the song, the vocals have some elements that please me, the singer accompanies the music fittingly, bringing a different flavour to the disk context. This versatility is something that really impresses while not surprising, because as said earlier, we are not talking about a band that released their first single last week.

In the next three tracks on the album, as follows: "Culture of Sin" and "Heaven-sent, Hell-bent and" Brighter Than The Sun" sees the band really concentrate with a Heavy Metal footprint with innovative elements missing in the bands of today. The maturity of the guys makes them explore various elements bringing an interesting combination without seeming confused.

And for the "Grand Finale" on the album we have "When All is Said and Done" which gives us a wonderful solo followed to my ears and sticky riffs that already makes me want to shake and discharge all the energy of the gift the "Sacred Oath" has given us with this new work.

Definitely, there is a small inconsistency in ordering the songs on the album, but that is not enough to reduce this work of art.

5 Star Rating

1. Death Kills
2. Taken
3. Necrodancer
4. Ravensong
5. So Cold
6. Live and Burn
7. Culture of Sin
8. Heaven-sent, Hell-bent
9. When All is Said and Done
10. Brighter Than The Sun
11. When All is Said and Done
Kenny Evans - Drums
Bill Smith - Guitars
Rob Thorne - Vocals, Guitars
Brendan Kelleher - Bass
Record Label: Angel Thorne Music


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