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Sacred Oath - Twelve Bells

Sacred Oath
Twelve Bells
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 May 2017, 12:31 AM

It may be possible that you never took the time to think about it, but there is something going on with some of the old school Metal bands nowadays, which was also probably evident in the previous decade. The decision to ascertain a level of relevancy in order to survive the test of time. Sounds like being forced or similar I know, it happened right at the edge of the 90s and it took place in other points in time in the last 10-15 years. SACRED OATH, one of the chief underground acts of US Metal in the 80s, has been adjusting themselves to what is going around them as they entered to the band’s second decade. “Twelve Bells” is their latest offering to the Metal world, served by their own label Angel Throne Music, maintaining their image as one of the early relics of once a great Metal scene.

It has been almost ten years since the last time I listened to one of the band’s album, last one being the self-titled. With the coming of “Twelve Bells”, I noticed a slightly darker SACRED OATH, still bound by the might of Traditional Metal, yet also clawing a contemporary attitude in order to keep a certain measure of freshness. A kind of freshness that at times sounded to eager. The songwriting proved to be beyond the routine form expected of an 80’s band, adding layers of bolstering groove and I might even add a few interesting alternative elements to the fold. The end result is a decent dynamic vibe cruising through the songs, from onslaught aggression to a sort of atmosphere that wasn’t expected. Some might call it being mature, I think that maturity has no effect here, mainly a strive to be a bit more artistic while not merely concentrating in the likes of a past heritage.

The dramatic finisher, “The Last Word”, is quite emotive and touchy, a sort of a semi-ballad with heavier extras, made the utmost effect in this release. A rather memorable song with an astounding chorus that conveys the last message of a dying man. The self-titled “Twelve Bells” is an interesting development of Traditional Metal, looking for various angles surrounding the gold eras of the genre, bearing great vocal performance. “Well Of Souls” shares a kind of atmosphere that is somewhat rare, mainly distributed by the impeccable soloing efforts that a true art. Furthermore, the song is quite deep and assorted, surely one of the album’s finest. “Never and Forevermore” and “Demon Ize” are two sides of the coin, former is a nice ballad oriented and the latter is one of the band’s most aggressive examples, a closer illustration of today modern Metal.

SACRED OATH issued a good album, staying true to themselves, while also not turning a blind eye to their local scene and what is happening in the industry.


3 Star Rating

1. New Religion
2. Twelve Bells
3. Fighter's Heart
4. Bionic
5. Never and Forevermore
6. Demon Ize
7. Well of Souls
8. Eat the Young
9. No Man's Land
10. The Last Word
Rob Thorne - Vocals / Guitars
Kenny "Thundarr" Evans - Drums
Bill Smith - Guitars
Brendan Kelleher - Bass
Record Label: Angel Throne Music


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