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Sacred Outcry - Damned for all Time

Sacred Outcry
Damned for all Time
by John Foley at 28 September 2020, 12:12 PM

This is "Damned for all Time" from Greek metal act SACRED OUTCRY. After a long time of teasing this album it was finally released this week in September 2020. If you like your epic sounding power metal then this is the album for you. To open things up we have the intro track “Timeless” with the sounds of rain and downpour and then the acoustic guitars come in to ease us in with its melodies. Then the band storms in on the song “Legion of the Fallen”. With a killer guitar attack and a very pirate feel to the music with a really cool chorus and a twin guitar attack for its middle section. The band sounds great here.

Next up is a song named after the band and that is “Sacred Outcry”. You can tell right from the start that this one is going to have a big sound to it. An absolute ripper of a guitar riff and killer shredding dualling guitar solos, they sound really tight here as a band. “Scared to Cry” is a very different song when compared to the rest of the album as it is a soft ballad kind of song. Opening with beautiful acoustic guitars that carry the melody through out the song. You can hear here how the vocals really shine on this song.

After that one we have “Lonely Man” with another acoustic intro. The bass sounds really cool here and in comes the heavy and just takes over the track with speed and strength. A really cool section to this one is the bass solo as it merges into a guitar solo. An absolute power house of a song is the title track called “Damned for all Time”. Standing at over 15 minutes long this is a monster of a song. Right from the start you can here the band are setting up for something epic. The band comes in with some cool riffin’ and solid rhythms almost similar to IRON MAIDEN. This is a big song that really takes you on a journey. With many time changes, lots of progression and excellent musicianship this one shows the full skill set of SACRED OUTCRY. It really keeps the listener on their feet with all the changes that occur through out this track. It is a track that just needs to be experienced.

With Damned for all Time, SACRED OUTCRY sound very NWOBHM with a touch of power metal added to the mix. The Musicianship shown on the album is unreal. The keyboards really add to the scope of the sound here. The album is filled with killer riffs and at the same time lots of melody too with all of its acoustic parts. This album really gives you a feel for a pirate voyage on the seven sea’s.

Song Writing: 8
Musicianship: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Timeless
2. Legion of the Fallen
3. Sacred Outcry
4. Where Ancient Gods are still Hailed
5. Scared to Cry
6. Lonely Man
7. Crystal Tears
8. Damned for all Time
9. Farewell
Dimitris Perros – Guitar
George Apalodimas – Bass
Stelios Darakis – Drums
Vagelis Spanakis – Guitar
John Skalkotos – Keyboards
Yannis Papadopoulos – Lead Vocals
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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