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Sacred Sin – Born Suffer Die

Sacred Sin
Born Suffer Die
by Aurora Kuczek at 25 May 2020, 8:54 PM

SACRED SIN, a project from Portugal, creates a middle-eastern ambience through their newest release “Born Suffer Die,” an EP. They label themselves as a death metal band, but the band also has elements of other types of music residing in their riffs. The band formed in 1991, and has put out six full length albums in the past.

Born Suffer Die” begins with a myriad of complex, middle-eastern, scales. It features a growl of vocals with faced past guitars. Simple notes guide the first half of the song, and as the music continues, the project progressively builds more layers to the overarching fabric. The heavy rhythm combined with the humming of the bass, makes for a well-versed atmosphere of the unknown. The track often repeats the melody, changing only the drums from time to time. “False Deceiver” has a rapidity of guitars accompanied by a lower bass. High pitched notes trickle down like water above it, making for a blend of various elemental ideas. The guitars thump up and down, and vocals are much thrashier than the previous track. As before, the pattern is repeated often. The middle-eastern scales create an eerie atmospheric nature with pinch harmonics. A keyboard resounds in the backdrop. The song fades out with a recording of a male’s voice talking. “Cursed” is the shortest song off the EP, featuring SLAYER-like vocal and melody patterns. The middle-eastern accent is lost to the background as this different style of sound is featured. Notes are repeated, and the guitars ride up and down the whirl of battered tunes.

SACRED SIN’s “Born Suffer Die” is a creation of musical scales that range from different styles and ideas. Although the music is competent, the words to the chords are rudimentary with a fury of anger that does not fit into a scheme of reality, but of some sort of monotony. Nevertheless, the music is enjoyable despite its value.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Born Suffer Die
2. False Deceiver
3. Cursed
Jose Costa – vocals and bass
To Pica – guitars
Luis Coelho – guitars
G. R. – drums
Record Label: Lusitanian Music


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Edited 15 July 2020

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