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Sacred Sin - Eye M God

Sacred Sin
Eye M God
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 May 2019, 6:12 AM

SACRED SIN is a Portuguese Death metal band. Formed in 1991, the group released their first EP “The Shades Behind” in 1992, a year after they release of their first album “Darkside” and quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal being featured in all international media. They were the first Portuguese band to be featured on MTV Headbangers Ball with the music video from “Darkside” in 1993. They got signed by BMG - Dinamite for the second album “Eye M God” released in 1995. The band stop activity in 2009, and returned in 2013 with the release the 20th anniversary edition of their first album. “Eye M God” contains twelve tracks.

“Intro” is a short spoken word track, talking about the “book of the dead,” complete with thunder in the background, and demon resurrection. It segues into “Evocation of the Depraved,” a burning three minute track with an opening ominous riff that quickly shifts to chaotic drumming and riffing. It’s 1995 and this is exactly what Death Metal should sound like at that time. “Inductive Compulsion” has a “South of Heaven” type opening riff, slow and deliberate, before a plethora of riffs plague the landscape. The title track goes for your throat from the start, with just a little bit of an eerie melody in the guitars. They never stop churning however.

“Death Baring Machine” opens with some odd electronic and weirdly picked guitar notes, while the drums hammer away underneath. The vocals are sometimes hushed while other times barely audible. “The Nighthag” opens with the sound of open air before the attack. It’s odd, because 1995 Death Metal was fairly bland at the time, but they are able to work in some real variety here on the album. “One with God” is a somber instrumental that features some ominous tones. It segues into “Guilt has no Past.” It’s fairly easy song to understand, but some of the guitar features are actually pretty cool. They build a harrowing sound here that it all theirs. “A Human Jigsaw” opens with harmonized guitars that lead to a riff is always moving forward, picking up speed as the song moves along.

“Link to Nothingness” opens with some clean guitars before the attack of distorted riffs and raging vocals. At times is slows enough for a portal to Hell opens, which you are beckoned to step into. “Dead Mind Breed” takes some pause for some really heavy riffing…pounding like a machine breaking concrete. It’s a totally different sound that is very evil in scope. “Endless Path of Hecate” closes the album, with a delightful display of charming guitars and vocal chants. If this album has shown me one thing…it’s that Death Metal can indeed be a very diverse genre, for those willing to throw convention into the wind and do what is in their heart. That’s exactly what SACRED SIN has done here with “Eye M God.” Twelve individually unique tracks with their own sound, not copying what those who came before them have done.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Evocation of the Depraved
3. Inductive Compulsion
4. Eyemgod
5. Death Baring Machine
6. The Night Hag
7. One with God
8. Guilt has no Past
9. Human Jigsaw
10. Link to Nothingness
11. Dead Mind Breed
12. Endless Path of Hecate
Jose Costa – Vocals, Bass
Andrecadente – Drums
Marcelo – Guitar
Sid – Guitar
Record Label: Lusitanian Music


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