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Sacred Oath - Sacred Oath (CD)

Sacred Oath
Sacred Oath
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 July 2009, 5:18 PM

Oathbangers should be extremely happy with this new SACRED OATH release. The fact that Rob Thorne runs his second youth is old news by now; the last 2-4 years we have witnessed a long run including the Darkness Visible comeback CD and 2007's Keep It True fest recital (resulting in a live CD, too) while there were strong rumors talkin' bout some helluva hard work at the OATH camp in order to come up with a blistering record.
Well, good news; I think Sacred Oath kicks major American Power Metal ass. Modern Metal bands should now feel embarrassed trying to explain there's no other way performing today's Metal without sounding old school. SACRED OATH's new album is about everything proudly raising the American Metal flag: a strong fresh production widely declaring the band is not a rookie, some rather intelligent songmaking (spanning from classic Heavy to Power Metal, from technical to Speed Metal or on-the-edge Thrash Metal) and a set of bright singing by Rob with an excellent 'back up' vocals scheme bringing a huge level of professionalism in all of the albums tracks.
And how could you not mention the rest of the team , of course? The guitar work is impressive, with a strong variety in riffs, hooks and lead themes destined to never let you feel bored but not exaggerating in technical skills, though. The scope for Sacred Oath seems to be the songs' essence itself; whoever's familiar with the band's legendary A Crystal Vision (1987) debut will possibly bring such an eminence to mind. The themes performed in the songlist clearly denote there's a classy band hiding behind.
Counting Zeros - the band shot a video for this tune, premiering at MTV's Headbangers Ball in late May 2009 - is a mid-pace melodic Metal cut with some impressive riffing by the Thorne/Smith duo, bringing to mind the style of compatriot bands like 'healthy' QUEENSRYCHE, LETHAL or post-80s METAL CHURCH. In addition, the opening track Paradise Lost bursts like a rolling thunder in full 'good' JUDAS PRIEST/METALLICA speed and Caught In The Arc takes no prisoners with Rob dressed in filled anger. Would not avoid pointing out, too, the supremacy of Sacred Oath, featuring a non-stop lead theme and some bonecrushing ANNIHILATOR/MEGADETH-like riffs looking straight to your neckline. And Buried Alive's melodies are non-match, holy shit…
Yeap, the new SACRED OATH CD is surely worth the check for anyone still believing in the Heavy Metal pride. An efficient album, a really proficient release. Don't have much faith on the will of the average metalhead to concentrate in this album too, but - judging from the promotion/marketing level currently offered - it won't be a miracle if Sacred Oath makes it to the wish list of many Metal warriors.

P.S. 1: Yes, the IRON MAIDEN frame is still here…
P.S. 2: With bands like SACRED OATH around it's wise to stop this Metal is dead bullshit.
P.S. 3: What The Dark Will Undo holds the whole of Heavy Metal music patterns in 5'36.

4 Star Rating

Paradise Lost
Blood Storm
Voodoo Dolls
Counting Zeros
High And Mighty
Sacred Oath
Caught In The Arc
Buried Alive
What The Dark Will Undo
Hunt For The Fallen Angel
Rob Thorne - Vocals, Guitar
Kenny Evans - Drums
Bill Smith - Guitar
Scott Waite - Bass
Record Label: Angel Thorne Music


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