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Sacred Reich - The American Way (reissue) (CD)

Sacred Reich
The American Way (reissue)
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 February 2009, 2:26 PM

Normally I shouldn't be spending time writing an intro for this album, since I consider The American Way to be one of the best Thrash Metal albums of all time (though many people disagree with me). Even though I was hoping for a new album by the American thrashers, something that probably won't happen after some statements by the band's frontman Phil Rind, the re-release of this classic is the best thing that every SACRED REICH maniac could wish for. A revamped version of The American Way plus some goodies!

Trivia: Did you know that the band's drummer Greg Hall was asked to play drums for SLAYER (yeah, the well known thrashers) back in 1987 when Tony Scaglione had left the Californian act? In the end it never happened because Lombardo had already returned to the band. One more thing the younger and not so familiar with SACRED REICH people should know is that this band once featured MACHINE HEAD's Dave McClain as a drummer. Interesting stuff, huh?

So, originally released in 1990, The American Way is a milestone in the Thrash Metal scene, along with the incredible Ignorance, and the EP Surf Nicaragua. Being their sophomore full-length effort, it contains some experimentations and of course many differences from the band's debut Ignorance. Many fans were disappointed that SACRED REICH released an album that was slower, groovier and catchier than their debut one. The fact is that SACRED REICH were about to influence an incredible amount of bands with their new - and modern for that time - style. Just imagine the face of the average metalhead back then listening to the relentless Thrash Metal explosion of Ignorance and soon after having to face an album that forces Greg Hall to use both his kick drums only a few times.

Let's relax and take a look at the brand new version of The American Way. Except for being a groove manifesto for the Arizona based Thrash Metal act, it also contains one of the most classic Thrash Metal songs ever, The American Way. I sound kind of fanatic, huh? Well, deal with it since I am only telling the truth and unfortunately SACRED REICH never earned the credit they deserved. With a sound that was kind of heavier from the rest of the Thrash Metal scene, since the band avoided using the classic razor style guitar sound, SACRED REICH began paving the way for their new style that was boosted by albums like Independent and especially Heal. With lyrics dealing with politics and social issues, Phil Rind took a stand in this album declaring war to all the bullshit this society has fed us. For example take Who's To Blame, a beautiful song that is actually a statement regarding those who used to - and still - believe that Metal music can be a cause of death.

So, slightly remastered to enhance sound and carrying 6 bonus tracks (demo versions of the songs mentioned) and a promotional video clip for the song The American Way, this re-release is probably a must have for those who don't have the album and a hellish temptation for the collectors. Does anyone disagree? I don't think so…

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Love… Hate
The American Way
The Way It Is
Crimes Against Humanity
State Of Emergency
Who's To Blame
I Don't Know
31 Flavors
The American Way*
Love… Hate*
Crimes Against Humanity*
State Of Emergency*
I Don't Know*
31 Flavors*
The American Way (Video Clip)*

Phil Rind - Vocals, Bass
Wiley Arnett - Guitar
Jason Rainey - Guitar
Greg Hall - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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