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Sacri Monti - Waiting Room for the Magic Hour Award winner

Sacri Monti
Waiting Room for the Magic Hour
by Louise Brown at 06 August 2019, 2:28 PM

SACRI MONTI is modern Psychedelic Rock band that is based in San Diego, California. They got their start in Encinitas, California during 2015 and have already become somewhat legendary among other underground bands who are embracing an older style of Rock music from the '60s and '70s.

The title track, "Waiting Room For The Magic Hour" starts the album with an extremely old school Classic Rock sound with a very strong psychedelic overtone. I grew up hearing similar music in northern California thanks to several hippie babysitters during the early 1970s. As a result, I like this type of music a lot and am delighted with what I'm hearing so far. The track contains all of the elements required to give it the heavy, groovy sound that is the signature of Psychedelic Rock. It takes you to a different place as you listen to it, conjuring visions of all night jam sessions in a seedy underground clubs that only the kids would've known about "back in the day."  "Fear & Fire" has a low-key intro which is just as retro sounding as the first track. I'm reminded of early PINK FLOYD right away, largely due to the song's almost experimental tone.  I love the way the music slowly gathers power as the track plays, making it seem like some sort of organic creation in the process of growing. It's obvious the band has musicians who highly skilled with a true passion for vintage music. The vocals are softer this time around, sounding nearly plaintive at times. They provide a good contrast with the much stronger and vibrant backing music. I cannot say enough good things about this track. It's an absolute joy to listen to as it manages to take you on another pleasant mind journey for a little while. "Armistice" features an excellent intro with guitar riffs that are experimental in nature and played with a great deal of skill and passion. Once again the track has that "what's old is new" feeling to it. It's a brief song, but positively worth the time it takes to listen to it.

"Starlight" makes some great use of synthesizers. When their sound is combined with almost dreamlike quality of the rest of the music the result is a perfect backdrop for another fine vocal performance. Shades of vintage BLACK SABBATH are prevalent, with just a hint of early AEROSMITH added in to keep everything interesting. The overall flow of the song is nearly flawless with an incredibly authentic sound that seems like something out of the Haight-Ashbury flower child scene. I'm awestruck by this band's level of talent, no joke. "Affirmation" begins in a solemn manner, briefly featuring a pipe organ that is quickly joined by guitars which turn it one lovely sound experience. The ghost of LED ZEPPELIN is impossible to ignore as it haunts the overall tone and character of the track. The band's performance moves my heart on levels that are hard to describe; it feels like coming home again after being gone for far too long. And the guitar playing on it? AMAZING! If this song fails to stir something within you then I don't think it's fair to consider yourself a fan of music. It's simply excellent. "Gone From Grace" is also an emotional experience with its blend of Blues along with Classic and Psychedelic Rock elements. If you want a prime example of what modern era Psychedelic Rock with an old school attitude then you need to look no further than this song. I honestly cannot adequately explain just how good it is. The only word that comes even close is phenomenal, and even that doesn't quite do it. The one sure way to truly appreciate the track is to listen to it yourself. The same applies to "Wading In The Malcesine" as well as "You Beautiful Demon" which are the last songs on the album. Both are tributes to the past with roots within the modern era and both are a testament to a band that has revived Psychedelic Rock in a very impressive manner. I have just finished listening to the entire album and I'm thinking about starting it all over again because I'm not ready to be done with this music yet. I'm sure you'l feel the same way after you get your own copy of "Waiting Room For The Magic Hour".

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

  1. Waiting Room For The Magic Hour
  2. Fear & Fire
  3. Armistice
  4. Starlight
  5. Affirmation
  6. Gone From Grace
  7. Wading In The Malcesine
  8. You Beautiful Demon
Brenden Dellar - Guitar
Dylan Donovan - Guitar
Anthony Meier - Bass
Evan Wenskay - Organ, Synth
Thomas Dibenedetto - Drums
Record Label: Tee Pee Records


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