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Sacrificium - Prey For Your Gods

Prey For Your Gods
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 October 2013, 8:32 PM

It has been a twenty years period of brutality, evolution, a different appreciation regarding how Death Metal can be perceived and distinguished. These past twenty years may have only distributed two studio albums and several demos, yet the German SACRIFICIUM were able to put their mark on the European Metal scene. Energized by the influences of their neighboring Dutch Death masters of the early age along with shots and drops from the old Swedish Death Metal ruthlessness along with implementing contemporary means of both Death and Thrash Metal, SACRIFICIUM is blotting their 20th anniversary bash with “Prey For Your Gods”, via there new label, Whirlwind Records. As a follow up to their sophomore release, “Escaping The Stupor”, which was released back in 2005, this new album adheres the band’s dedication and devotion for remaining brutal, yet also musical enough to keep your attention peeled and at the ready.

Generally, “Prey For Your Gods” achieved a positive turn, however, even after twenty years in the service of Metal, there is still some work to be done. SACRIFICIUM unleashed tremendous energies ignited by a diverse beats and rhythms, cross country guitaring played with vigor and elegance while demonstrating sundry riffing of various picking techniques with a few melodic signatures that can’t be denied (even of those were rather rare). The lack of soloing and moreover, the absence of melodic licks, was deeply felt as a fair share of the songs needed that perforating zing through them.  The vocal line, appeared at first as quite typical for the what the band tried to pull off, however, it became clear that there was a sort of an attempt to hash it as multidimensional, a task that was close to be fulfilled. As for the songwriting, for one thing the songs are pretty assorted, measuring the band’s massive taste for a creative Death Metal experience.

Don’t be looking for anything memorable, unless you take out the proud moments of the final clincher, “Afraid To Breathe”, and its blazing chorus, and the pair of opening shafts, “Contradiction Of A Drepressed Void” and “From Solitude To Insanity” dispensing insane riffery with jiffies of melodic strains. I wouldn’t disparage the other tunes, as those tenanted several interesting riff zones and in your face rhythmic precision, and of course a margin of fine vocal performance. On the other hand, I assume that most of the songs, on the whole, could have been more inspiring and yes even memorable that what is currently being displayed. I am not implying of the nonappearance of a marketable point, yet “Prey For Your Gods” needed that extra points of interest, such as melodic features, in order to become a major player. For a band of 20 years I expected just a bit more due to the fact the whether being influenced by giants, there is need for more than a reprise. Generally, this is album is a quality addition to the current Death Metal scene, it is brutal enough to make you scream but also delivered by a profound crew.    

3 Star Rating

1. Contradiction Of A Drepressed Void
2. From Solitude To Insanity
3. To Forgive And To Suffer
4. This Wraith
5. Worship The Grotesque
6. Once Again
7. Prey For Your Gods
8. The Fallen Ones
9. Shallow Beauty
10. Afraid To Breathe
Claudio Enzler - Vocals
Wolfgang Nillies - Guitar
Matthias Brandt - Guitar
Thorsten Brandt - Bass
Mario Henning - Drums
Record Label: Whirlwind Records


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