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Sacrifixion - Shower me in Death

Shower me in Death
by Suicide Cliff at 14 October 2021, 6:12 AM

SACRIFIXION is a German death thrash band making waves with their vintage brand of chaotic devastation.  Composed of members of the German metal underground, they bring raw and unbridled energy on their newly released EP “Shower me in Death”.  The first impression you will get when being submersed in their hellish tones is the nostalgic quality of their sound.  It makes me feel as if I’ve unearthed a forbidden cassette traded amongst the denizens of the night and outcasts of society, which if normal people realized what I had in my possession they would immediately condemn and ostracize me.

The initial track is “The Bloodied Pits of Savagery”.  It’s a fast paced balls to the wall song with some headbanging verses and deadly grooves.  One of the key characteristics of their sound is Carnivore’s vocals.  He is very powerful and reminiscent of early extreme metal.  In fact their whole sound is very old school in nature which is why I find myself so attracted to their style.  The guitars performed by Popesku are unrelenting and brutal.  There are some leads in the song but honestly they are a bit buried in the mix and don’t stand out too much.  It does give that feel of being in a live performance however as if in some dark cellar somewhere which  love.

“Unmarked Shallow Graves” keeps the intensity up as a more thrashy and fast tempo track that’s sure to break your neck when headbanging.  I can imagine a crowd going absolutely bat shit crazy to this song in a live setting.  Avenger is going non-stop on his drum kit the entire duration and definitely inspires one with the energy to carry out acts that would warrant unmarked shallow graves.  It ends with a lovely spit which is the perfect substitute for a cross or headstone on the resting places of those unfit for life.

The title track of the EP “Shower me in Death” starts off with high energy but goes into a half time feel during the verse.  The beat picks up again before crashing into an addictive rhythmic onslaught of a chorus screaming SHOWER ME IN DEATH!!  The vocal timing is really something to be admired and flow with the music in a  very natural way.

In summary, SACRIFIXION is the extreme metal band you wish you discovered sooner so you can brag to your friends and show them how underground and unique your tastes are. Their style makes for the perfect soundtrack to smashing faces in and remorselessly eviscerating enemies.  I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and am looking eagerly towards their full length album.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Bloodied Pits of Savagery
2. Unmarked Shallow Graves
3. Drowning in a Nightmare
4. Shower me in Death
Popesku - Bass, Guitars
Avenger - Drums
Carnivore - Vocals
Record Label: Hells Headbangers


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