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Sacrocurse - Gnostic Holocaust

Gnostic Holocaust
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 04 December 2017, 12:16 PM

SACROCURSE are a Black/Death metal band, influenced by blasphemy, hell and chaos. In October this year, they unleashed a vinyl record into the world, as their second full length album - titled “Gnostic Holocaust”. Giving this release a listen, I found that “Spirit versus Flesh” cuts deep, with sustained screeches of guitars, grinding away in intensity. I found that the vocals are gutsy and deep, yet also raspy and not fully ‘harsh’. They reverberate along with percussive vibrations from the guitars and drums. Song structures transition between speedy blast beats that alter into slowed doom-laden moments. “Kirie Eleison” begins with a short sample of what sounds like a church song, diving deep into a forebodingly dark atmosphere. Rhythms of the ride bell add metallic chimes to this scene. Vocals screech out along with the guitars, around half way through, aggressive and putrid in sound. Guitars intertwine together in distorted collision that send a shudder to the ear.

“Maze of Serpents" sends us into a lost maze of grim hopelessness, as tom drums beat way, and vocals spew out more and more dark vibes. When blast beats speedily make their way in the background, it creates a dense thickness. Vocal cries vocals echo forth in the distance at the end of this exceedingly heavy track. In “Empire of Sekmet”, it begins with drums that grind away like a drill. I noticed how the drums occasionally blast with speed, though have more of an atmospheric touch; rather than making the sound more ‘technical’; preserving an ‘old-school’ sound. “Vengeance Consumed” undulates through paces of metallic guitar distortion, strained more and more as the notes climb up higher. Ending with a short speech and organ sound sample, it rounds off the occult feel abruptly. Dense and dirty are two words I’d describe for this band; there’s no room for floweriness in this music. For me, I find the gutsy vocals and guitar solos to stand out in a savage way. Personally, I think the tracks can generally seem a little short, and similar to each other at times. I find that some elements in the music, such as sound samples, are used abruptly and don’t hang on long to make a big impact. Though, in this release of “Gnostic Holocaust”, SACROCURSE achieve a ‘kvlt’ sludginess throughout their sound, also possessing a unique quirk in the vocalist’s style.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Just Fucking Die
2. Jaws of Hell
3. Spirit versus Flesh
4. Endless Khaoz
5. Kirie Eleison
6. Maze of Serpents
7. Empire of Sekmet
8. Triumphant Tribulation 03:09
9. Gnostic Holocaust
10. Vengeance Consumed
ZK - Guitars, Vocals
Aldo Guerra - Drums
SW - Bass
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Production


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