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Sacrosanct - Tragic Intense (Reissue) Award winner

Tragic Intense (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 June 2019, 3:35 PM

Onwards into the 90s, not that far since the inception of “Recesses For The Depraved”, a process has been shaping up, a constant form of evolution, waiting to be completed, to be showcased in all of its glory. SACROSANCT caught the trendiness sense that has been manifesting throughout the Metal world, having bands experiment, abandon in part their older shells, becoming something different, either gruesomely notorious or heavenly divine. Going through another lineup change, which included a new singer and a guitarist, a deserved boost to the process was undeniable. Here comes the last album of this reissue series made by Vic Records, with the remastering of the band’s 1993 album, third in number, “Tragic Intense”.

No matter how many times I have been listening to it, I remain perplexed of whether SACROSANCT tried to totally reinvent themselves due to what happened around them or merely it was a destined undertaking. Taking a hard right from their energetic Thrash Metal antics, which were still an item on “Recesses For The Depraved”, SACROSANCT took a deep breath, made changes in their songwriting, issued an order to maintain a certain flow that didn’t come to mind in their previous albums.

The material became blackened, drenched in the abyss, in part Gothic meets Doom melodious atmospheres, a little similar to that period of time’s PARADISE LOST, yet a little more illuminated than the British giants, also there are constant reminders of METALLICA of the age, yet the Dutch / German crew made the Americans look like amateurs, and I am not exaggerating. Furthermore, the recruiting of Collin Kock to lead the vocals came to be a wise move, enabling the music and lyrics to be guided righteously by a well-developed voice that had enough range to contain past storms along with the bleaker present.

It is very possible that there has been some dismay due to SACROSANCT shift into the outer boundaries of their monstrous past, as it became a whole different entity, however, and even though I have been a fan of their early albums, I tend to disagree on the matter. “Tragic Intense”’s depth and creativity stood tall in comparison to other developments of that were forged in the time when Metal music bowed down to the 90s decade, it is still a part of the band’s legacy and a great opportunity to get to know a shadow that was already there, just gradually in the making.

Some of my favorites within the tragic corridors: “The Breed Within”, “At Least Pain Lasts”, “From Deep Below”, “The Gathering of the Tribes”, “Fainted” and “Godforsaken”.

Legacy Magazine’s Björn Thorsten Jaschinski, in the reissue’s thick booklet, thoroughly paved the road to understanding what has been ticking in SACROSANCT to move forward with their mutation. Creating a new version of a monster is never easy I am sure, especially due to conflicts and personal soul searching. Right there at the end, a small stack of photos of those estranged times, surely a good lesson. Lastly, and as a fine bonus, a version of “Shining Through”, which was a part of a sampler from the “Stop War” campaign compilation, which was initially released via the band’s label, 1MF Recordz.

Like most bands that sealed their music in stone in the 80s, and came out differently in the 90s, so was SACROSANCT, but as a matter of opinion, I don’t really think that the change damaged them, yet opened them a chance to experience and still be good at it. Take that into consideration when approaching.

4 Star Rating

1. At Least Pain Lasts
2. Godforsaken
3. Fainted
4. The Breed Within
5. The Gathering of the Tribes
6. From Deep Below
7. Shining Through
8. Cyberspace
9. Shining Through
Collin Kock - Vocals
Michael Kock - Guitars
Randy Meinhard - Guitars
Christian Colli - Bass
Haico Van Attikum - Drums
Record Label: Vic Records


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