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Saddolls - Blood Of A Kind

Blood Of A Kind
by Bruno Diniz at 19 September 2017, 9:41 PM

Formed in 2006 the Greek band SADDOLLS celebrates its first decade with its fourth full-lenght album to gift its fans entitled "Blood Of A Kind”. The quintet consists of the members Paul Evilrose (Guitars), George Downloved (Vocals), Foivos Andriopoulos (Drums), GB (Bass) and J.Vitu (Guitars) and presents a very close sound to the well-known Finnish band HIM with a Gothic Rock and very dark environment, relying on many electronic elements in his songs. The release takes its place through the label Trisol Music Group and brings in addition a great production and an impressive clean mix, being one of the highlights of this work.

"Dunkelstein" begins the journey towards a pleasant listening, a very strong song with rhythms cadenced and a chorus that never comes out of the head, although the first impression that what this album brings will be perfect be broken, by not delaying to realize that the band sins by the lack of originality, bringing a rocking sound but not very different than other bands of the genre have already done. "Creep It Into You" is a totally engrossing track that will not let you sit still for a second and features a duet and the presence of a brilliant female voice. "Blood Of A Kind" song that has the same name as the album, has a slower and deeper pace, in this case, because it is a more reflective song, the bass vocal of Downloved, could have a bigger catch to touch our feelings more just as he did in "Sex In Church" with more effects and variations.

"Kiss You In Hell" has an excellent intro with bass in evidence, coming out a bit from the standard that could have been a bit more exploited by the band in other tracks that mostly have their introduction the featured electronic sounds, she brings the duet again with the focal female. "Misery Revisited" ends the album in a very melodic way. There is also a track that is present in the promo and not on Spotify entitled "Jigsaw" which refers to the famous movies franchise. Although it has some flaws as already presented above, in addition to little evolution compared to previous works, it is still a positive experience, due to the quality of the good mix between the consistency between softness and weight in their tracks.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Dunkelstein
2. Creep It into You
3. Cold Blood Inside
4. Zombie Love
5. Sex in Church
6. Kiss You in Hell
7. Pale White Dracula
8. Die Better
9. Misery Revisited
10. Jigsaw
George Downloved - Vocals
Paul Evilrose - Guitars
J.Vitu - Guitars
GB - Bass
Darroc - Drums 
Record Label: Trisol Music


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