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Sadistic Drive – Anthropophagy Award winner

Sadistic Drive
by Thomas Kumke at 07 October 2020, 6:24 PM

SADISTIC DRIVE hailing from Joensuu, Finland were formed in 2018 by Jusa Janhonen (also BLOODSCAPE) and Niklas Heiskanen (also COFFINCRAFT). They play Death Metal with Grindcore, Hardcore, and Punk elements. “Anthropophagy”is their debut full-length album after the band released a demo/rehearsal compilation last year. The album was released via Columbian Death/Black/Doom Metal label La Caverna Records and has a total length of just under 28 minutes.

Anthropophagy” is strongly influenced by Hardcore and Punk when it comes to the guitar riffs and chords. The opener “Serial Cleaner” and even more “Internal Putrefaction” are good examples for this. This is mixed with, at times, unexpected lead sequences that makes the sound interesting to listen to. “Neurosyphilitic Lunacy” is played at breakneck speed for most time of the song and the band add technical Death Metal parts and hammering blast beats to the mix.

The comprehensive guitar work on the album should be mentioned. SADISTIC DRIVE dissect the rhythms in most of the songs. The basis are guitar riffs typical for Hardcore with Punk elements that often transition into short technical lead sequences. Those sequences disrupt the harmonies of the chords. “Run Over And Left To Die” and “Disease-Ridden Pervert” are a good examples for the dissection of rhythm and disrupted harmonies.

Anthropophagy” is not a high-speed approach, SADISTIC DRIVE understand it very well to switch from mid-tempo to highly paced sequences and back. Breaks are probably the most frequent element used on “Anthropophagy”. Many of the songs are played mid-tempo as a basis and the breaks to high-speed kick in when you least expect it. Only a few songs on the album are played highly paced throughout. A note on vocalist Niklas Heiskanen: his growls and screams are outstanding and give “Anthropophagy” the (technical) Death Metal framework.

Anthropophagy” is a very interesting approach to Death Metal. It contains a variety of elements, predominantly Hardcore, Punk, and technical Death Metal. SADISTIC DRIVE vary their sound quite a lot, especially with their highly comprehensive guitar work. “Anthropophagy” contains everything, a Death Metal fan can ask for: aggressive growls and screams, relentlessly hammering drums, technical guitar sequences, all kept at good balance between blistering pace and mid-tempo. There is no video release from “Anthropophagy” yet. SADISTIC DRIVE release a very promising debut album that is well produced and Death Metal fans can be very excited to see SADISTIC DRIVE playing their material live.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Serial Cleaner
2. Internal Putrefaction
3. Acid Vomit
4. Neurosyphilitic Lunacy
5. Run Over And Left To Die
6. Worm-Eaten Abomination
7. Disease-Ridden Pervert
8. Ferox (Victim Of Anthropophagous Tribe)
9. Lust For Scum
10. Body Part Puzzle
Niklas Heiskanen – Vocals, Bass
Jusa Janhonen – Guitars
Matti Kolehmeinen ­ Guitars
Jesse Räsänen – Drums
Record Label: La Caverna Records


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Edited 30 October 2020

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