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Sadistic Messiah - High Voltage Demons Award winner

Sadistic Messiah
High Voltage Demons
by Craig Rider at 16 January 2020, 11:17 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SADISTIC MESSIAH; signed via Thrash Or Death Records, hailing from Brazilian grounds - performing Speed/Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled: "High Speed Voltage Demoms" (released 18/10/2019).

Since formation in 2018; the duo in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: "High Speed Voltage Demons", 9 tracks ranging at around 33:44 - opening up with an "Orion" style melody from METALLICA's infamous album "Master Of Puppets". Until the real carnage begins with the menacing titular track itself; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy chugs & flamboyantly frolicking gallops. Demonstrating a blistering barrage of frenzied guitar hooks, gnarly chaos & rhythmic mayhem. Harmonized into a deadly yet monstrously monolithic rampage of rivetingly meticulous foundations, forged into a borderline fretwork of punchline tightness. While revolved around a meaty slab of bulldozing firepower, vehemently trailblazing versatility & speedy savagery.

Consisting of the Angelcorpse on vocals/eletric guitar; the frontman executes a groovy distinction of high-pitched raspiness, rawly rough snarls & throaty screams that showcase profusely robust malignance. Salubriously subjugated with blood in the voice, which pursuits with organic substance & mighty ruthlessness. "Antichrist Plague" is a typical KREATOR-esquire elementation; implementing an experimental embellishment of rapidly swift nimbleness, creatively dextrous dynamics & diligently detailed finesse. Energized into a sonically seamless ritual, while manifesting primitively momentous pandemonium. Rhodz on the dissected strings of terror (which I assume is the bass) injects infectiously audible thumpiness to the sound production, pulsating with quirky snappiness & vibrantly vicious potency - especially in the "Earthshaker Nightmare".

"Die By Witchcraft" is a hardened belter; constructing a healthy dose of outrè panache, quintessential virtuosity & thunderously steely precision. Rambunctiously hammering into a battering grind, fabricating a consistent furnace that rises with sinister vocal patterns while flowing into a consistent amalgamation of Jeff Walker from CARCASS & Mille Petrozza from KREATOR - culminating his own unique style that portrays shrieking yet volatile potential. "The Crucifix Slaughter" rips with soaring shreds; roaring with wildly rushing sophistication, and a bombarding dimension of hybrid hostilty. Contrasting razor-sharp riffs, neckbreaking solos & remarkably solid performances that pummel with splendidly perseverence while oscilliating with swinging havoc and an abroit attribute of deadly haste.

"Mastermind Of Insanity" establishes immersive intensities; converging fluidly catchy lacerations, killer jumpiness & stampeding remedies that unleash an evil empowered embodiment of demonically blackened instrumentation infused with brilliantly composed Kirk Hammett-esque guitar tempos sounding almost influenced from the "Master Of Puppets" & "…And Justice For All" era. "Victimized" terrorizes souls with venomously scratchy vocalization; scattering with rumbling tones that sound like "Surgical Steel" sound production (CARCASS' latest endeavour), strums that thrash into a massive maelstrom of well-played rebellion. Overall concluding "High Voltage Demons" with the finale epic track: "Sadistic Messiah" which provides memorably captivating chorus sections, more symbolic musicianship & mighty malevolence.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that SADISTIC MESSIAH certainly outdone themselves here for an explosive debut, and "High Voltage Demons" is an excelling record that has a bunch of replay value that will please your ears with some hellishly extreme noise relishments. Thrash Metal maniacs will most definitely want to check out this headbanging discovery for sure - you do not want to miss this one!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Sound Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. From Beyond
2. High Voltage Demons
3. Antichrist Plague
4. Earthshaker Nightmares
5. Die by Witchcraft
6. The Crucifix Slaughter
7. Mastermind of Insanity
8. Victimized
9. Sadistic Messiah
Angelcorpse - Sepulchral Voices And Electric Screams Of Agony
Rhodz - Dissected Strings Terrorizer
Record Label: Thrash Or Death Records


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Edited 18 September 2020

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