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Saidian - Evercircle (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 27 May 2009, 3:36 PM

SAIDIAN is a German act that was formed by the keyboard player  back in 2004. The band took a pretty solid lineup and in the summer of 2005 SAIDIAN produced their debut Those Who Walk The Path Of Forlon. This debut created that fuss around the band's name that took them on the road supporting JON OLIVA'S PAIN. In fact Jon the mountain king Oliva was that impressed by this album that he contributed to the next album Phoenix with some guest vocals on Crown Of Creation. So, after minor turbulence and some lineup changes the German Power Metal engine is already warm and ready to produce its third discographic step under the title Evercircle.
If you take a look at the album's artwork and consider the SAIDIAN's ancestry then you will probably guess that Melodic Power Metal is the main issue here. Adding to that, is the fact that SAIDIAN's mastermind is also a keyboard player then the whole picture is completed. Things get cleared out very quick as Out Of The Shadows kicking with the distinct keyboard melody that carries the STRATOVARIUS signature in its all grandeur. Things looks alike even more when the high pitched vocals and enter writing in bold letters the word European Power Metal. So, there are main sing-along melodies some fast guitar fills and the overall lifting up mood that literary irrigates the album's atmosphere. Tokyo is a cover song from the homonymous German act (a.k.a. CRAFT) that brings a fresh breeze along in the form of some Hard Rock (almost AOR) influences. Actually, this Hard Rock backbone that shows up here and there are what SAIDIAN offer in Evercircle. the keyboard melodies comes with some hearty PRETTY MAIDS additions (think of Future World) that in some extent differentiate the band from the rather restrict Euro Power sound. On the other hand, I found the STRATOVARIUS meets EDGUY structure way too strong for my ears and this is the total 'turn off' for me. I just cannot handle the 'classic' piano driven Solomon's Dance even though the lower octave vocals are something new here. This situation happens with all the bands that try to work on a genre created by a successful act. Just like NIGHTWISH; all the bands that play this orchestra enhanced Metal with female vocals inevitably fall in this 'sounding-like them' trap and cannot escape no matter what.
I don't say that this is a bad album; on the contrary the musicianship is of a high level and the sound is powerful and crystal clear and will attract all the fans of this specific (underline the latter word) genre. The problem is that I just failed to get connected with SAIDIAN and this was due to the striking influences which blocked my judgment and switch off all my Metal receptors. So, if you don't have the same issues with me then hit the link (official band site) above and get this one. I will just say 'pass'… Below is a video clip from SAIDIAN's 2005 tour.
PS: The band is currently searching for a bass player so if you are interested click here.
Saidian Tour 2005

2 Star Rating

Out Of The Shadows
Solomon's Dance
Once In My Dreams
Pale Moon Rider
Stroke Of Genius
Moonlight's Calling
Sign In The Sky
The Princess
Halos For Everyone
Markus Engelfried - Vocals
Markus Bohr - Keyboards
Rodrigo Blattert - Guitars
Bernd Heining - Drums
Stefan Luddemann - Bass
Record Label: Blistering Records


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