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Sail - Mannequin

by Dani Bandolier at 20 September 2020, 12:58 PM

SAIL (2016) drops the needle in Taunton, Somerset over the pond in Old Blighty. Under their previous name HUSK they released a full-length album “Seven Pyramids” in 2013 and an EP “Upon His Mountain” in 2015; whence-upon SAIL changed into their current mode circa 2016 they then released a full-length record “Slumbersong” on October 3, 2017 through Hibernacula Records to excellent feedback, including a 4K Kerrang review. They subsequently toured England and Scotland with CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT.

According to singer and guitarist Tim Kazer, “Mannequin at its heart; in its heart, is a very honest look at the unhealthy places relationships can go. Its lyrics speak of the pain of losing who you are in the act of grasping for something that just isn’t there anymore. That may never have been there. There’s real moments of beauty to the song, amongst all the bitterness and anger and the chorus is one of my favourites we’ve ever written.” SAIL describes themselves as drawing influences from modern sludge, post-rock and grunge movements, adding to the mix their love of classic rock and 70s psychedelia. Hmmm OK let’s see then …

This first cut mid-tempo downer ‘Mannequin’ reminds me of getting dragged through BARONESS by a dramatic MUSE abled vocalist. Hints of emo rock as well, ála MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. The lads felt like stretching their legs and applying a couple of different mixes to ‘Mannequin’, but for my quid the first track version is really the most fully realized version of this song which does not stray far from the verse and chorus in almost 5 minutes.

‘Mannequin (Synthwave Remix)’ is the vocal clubland mix, interesting and different than the rock mix, although the dynamics and life of the original are curiously diminished – a spanner in the works for a club mix, that is. I count myself as stooge in the polyphonic arpeggiator synth club though, and these little song bits sparkle. ‘Mannequin (Director’s Cut)’ … now this mix is different with the rock guitar taking a backseat to … I am not sure. This mix is not really somersaulting any clear idea or alternate vision … it just sounds different and is a much longer version… almost 3 minutes longer.

SAIL offers soundscapes in an emo panorama and shows some imagination. I don’t hear one hen speck of stoner, grunge or sludge leanings on this release, nadita. This particular disc may not be a good introduction to the band for the genre fans and other interested bystanders. I recommend a stroll over to Bandcamp where you can find 4 other releases dating back to the Year of Our Lord - 2013.

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Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Mannequin
2. Mannequin (Synthwave Remix)
3. Mannequin (Director’s Cut)
Tom Coles - Drums
Charlie Dowzell - Guitars, Vocals
Tim Kazer - Guitars, Vocals
Kynan Scott - Bass, Synth, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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