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Saint Asonia - Introvert

Saint Asonia
by Kevin Lewis at 01 August 2022, 4:01 PM

SAINT ASONIA is a group formed by former THREE DAYS GRACE lead singer Adam Gauntier. First put together in 2015, they’ve experienced a few lineup changes, arriving with the current roster in 2020. Made up of some of the more iconic musicians from the Canadian and US Hard Rock scene, they bring an AOR sensibility to their songs, helping them dominate airwaves worldwide. Their most recent LP was released via Spinefarm Records on July 1, 2022.

The album begins with Adam Gauniter using his signature vocal sound through a specific microphone. The guitar riff is as heavy as you’re going to get from this outfit. The lead work is ever-present and well placed. “Above It All” is that song about rising, becoming your best self. The time is now to “rise above it all,” this is “do or die.” Personal struggle and perseverance are themes for this album.

Better Late Than Never” is realizing you are meant to be more, to fight, to overcome. The keyboards are bit more prevalent on this one. The guitar work is again right on point. The rhythms on this disc are fairly catchy, working within the Hard Rock realm for maximum attention-drabbing potential. This is a radio friendly record that will please the masses with anthemic tunes and chantable choruses.

So What” has that slower, more melodic tempo that plays well on radio and to crowds at summer festivals and in arenas of various sizes. This one will sound good live with the guitars dropping out periodically, allowing Adam to focus all his energy singing and watching the audience while Mike works the sides of the stages. Cale and Cody get to stand out and take their turns in the spotlight, which they deserve. Those guys are solid as a rhythm section, providing the guitars and vocals an excellent foundation to build upon.

Bite The Bullet” is another of the heavier songs, giving SAINT ASONIA the ability to cross over to some of the more metal friendly fans. The riff is pretty good, really solid. They write catchy tunes that are easy to get into, hard to forget.

The curveball they throw on this record is the cover of THE WEEKNDSBlinding Lights.” They do a good job of crafting this as a rock song, taking it out of the pop realm and making it more accessible for those who are “too heavy” to get into popular tracks like this. The lead work on the guitar of quite intricate and quite good. The tones they use fit the texture of the track well.

SAINT ASONIA is just one of those bands that will hook you somehow. They have a fairly positive message in their lyrics, constantly exhorting their fans to go on, to not give up. Their guitars are heavy enough for rock and metal fans alike. The rhythms are solid, not too fast, or slow. They are radio friendly, catchy as hell, and give the listeners everything they want; songs they can sing along to, or at least scream the chorus and feel good. There is not a bad song on this disc. They got the tracks right and this is one of those records that will play well for years to come.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Above It All
2. Better Late Than Never
3. Chew Me Up
4. So What
5. Left Behind
6. Bite the Bullet
7. Blinding Lights
Adam Gontier – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Cale Gontier – Bass/Vocals
Cody Watkins – Drums/Percussion
Mike Mushok – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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