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Saints of Death - Ascend the Throne

Saints of Death
Ascend the Throne
by John Foley at 03 August 2020, 7:05 AM

SAINTS OF DEATH, a four piece metal act coming from Vancouver, Canada, who have been going since 2013 and this is their new release Ascend to the Throne which was released in July of 2020. The band started out as a MOTOR-HEAD tribute act and after a line up change they became the band we have now today. With an approach which is a tribute to all things metal they have one thing that makes them stand out and that is SAINTS OF DEATH sport two bass players. You get Twan Holliday fronting the band with his monster of an 8 string bass and backing up that low end is Juan Helluva with his 5 string bass.

The album opens with “Call of the Kings”. This is really just an introduction track that sets up a mood which starts off very eerie and with doom sounding synths. Then the band comes in with a bang on the next track Ascend the Throne”. It’s a very thrash metal sound with some really cool riffs and a cool guitar solo. With this track the band are getting straight to business to let you know what they are all about.

With “Watching Me Die” you really hear the twin bass attack in the intro. The song has got a real southern metal groove to it and is also accompanied by a killer nasty sounding guitar solo. “God Can’t Help You” has got some really great vocal work and some real groove in the riffing. The song then bursts into fast paced riffing with a ripping guitar solo. “Repentance” opens with a clean but creepy guitar sound with some vocals adding to the evil. The band comes in and really brings the doom to the song. Ashley Blue really shows some cool lead guitar work here as the song starts to speed up towards the end. “You Can’t Run” opens with a really old school sound. You can really hear the twin bass playing adding to the sound here and the bass playing really shines on this tune.

The album then closes with the anthem “Soldiers of Metal”. This song really shows what the band are all about. This is a really cool tune with a breakdown that also shows some awesome lead guitar work. Some really excellent drum playing from Christopher James towards the end which then gets the chant “We will rule the world together” which is a real statement of themselves, the fans and metal music as a whole. Brilliant way to close the album.

What makes SAINTS OF DEATH interesting is their use of having two different bass players which adds to the heavy low end of their songs. It would be fun to see them try to utilize this more with future releases. From what I picked up their sound is very thrash metal with a southern metal vibe to it. Some really cool vocals present here and the songs have real groove to them. It’s a really great selection of songs.

Song Writing: 8
Musicianship: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Call of the Kings
2. Ascend to the Throne
3. Watching Me Die
4. God Can’t Help You
5. Repentance
6. You Can’t Run
7. Soldiers of Metal
Ashley Blue : Lead Guitar and Vocals
Twan Holliday : 8 String Bass and lead Vocals
Christopher James : Drums and Samples
Juan Helluva : 5 String Bass and vocals
Record Label: Head Rattle Productions, Inc.


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