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Saints Of The Underground - Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner (CD)

Saints Of The Underground
Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 June 2008, 9:29 AM

Jani Lane proved to be not the luckiest person in the world, after all. The lame-labeled 'cyclone' hit of WARRANT's Cherry Pie did eventually prove to be a curse, following him whatever he did try to come across afterwards. Pity thing is, WARRANT had a good dose of rockin' songs on the run, in all of their Lane-fronted albums. So, is the S.O.T.U. 'super band' deal ready to push things up and unchain Jani at last? Well, yes, if you give him a chance.
'Super band'? Yeap, with Keri Kelli (ALICE COOPER, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, WARRANT, ADLER'S APPETITE, L.A. GUNS, RATT, VINCE NEIL, LOVE/HATE), Robbie Crane (RATT, VINCE NEIL, LOVE/HATE, ADLER'S APPETITE) and the-one-and-only Bobby Blotzer (RATT, MONTROSE) what else should someone thing of? And,…,'hair' Metal (xaxa, what a term)? Well, not really. Things are more 'rocking' in this first album just released. Well, don't imagine anything far far away from what you'd possibly expect, it's just that the sound is not so polished and the themes are more tough (most of them, at least). Lane's vocals are in good shape, being a rocker but also more 'mellow' where needed. Still, at times I was kinda let down. Kelli is simply 'rough' again here, hence the opinion above. Blotzer and Crane act fast and in-your-face, with no complexity but rather in fine mood.
In such mood the whole band (initial name: ANGEL CITY OUTLAWS) is, from the opening notes of Dead Man's Shoes. The quartet has penned songs that will please both old and new American Hard Rock fans. Are you asking what this new assumption is laid upon? Well, the sound in some songs for example. Signs Of Life, e.g., has enough aggression and distortion. At the same time, Lane's vocals are - overall - clean and do interact elegantly with the 'dirty' instruments. Even some 70s Hard Rock 'touch' did I observe in e.g. Jimmy or All In How You Wear It. OK, and the WARRANT part is present in some tunes, not to forget.
Some info needed: Tom Petty's American Girl and Moonlight Mile (ROLLING STONES) are the cover takes. Added facts? Dead Man's Shoes and Good Times both origin from the TWENTY4SEVEN days (Bobby's past project with John Corabi singing). As for Jimmy? It may remind you of THIN LIZZY's trademarks but - in fact - it's a song from the early (pre-contract) WARRANT days.
Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner will bring in mind many things: the sweetness of WARRANT, the rawness of 70s KISS, the (I imagine) sound of MOTLEY CRUE's upcoming album, a semi-Sleaze Rock portion…I'd like to see S.O.T.U. scoring great sales with this one (something we do not foresee happening, right?), since Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner is a nice hardorckin' album made by American landmarks of that era. 'Core' L.A. Rock devotees; four saints from the past - with a 'touch' from the present - strike back. Get the CD, I'd propose.


3 Star Rating

Dead Man's Shoes
Tomorrow Never Comes
All In How You Wear It
Good Times
American Girl
Signs Of Life
Moonlight Mile
Jani Lane - Vocals
Keri Kelli - Guitars
Robbie Crane - Bass
Bobby Blotzer - Drums
Record Label: Warrior Records


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