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Sakara - Forgetting What Was Award winner

Forgetting What Was
by Shwetha Kamath at 25 May 2014, 9:59 PM

BREAKING BENJAMIN, STAIND, RED, DAUGHTRY, DOPE, FOO FIGHTERS, POETS OF THE FALL are usually a Hard Rock follower's playlist. I can guarantee that SAKARA would be one of the bands belonging in that playlist but I have a doubt. The name? It doesn't ring very well yet the 10 tracks have possible potential to be the best Hard Rock band of the 2014 with Stratus in its competition. Hardcore bands is been playing way too much in vh7 but SAKARA has the every right to be next to Stone Sour probably even if its different genre? It's a cool band. STONE SOUR, RAGE AGAINST MACHINE, RISE AGAINST and most of the bands have been playing way too much that due to my music preferences; I might even get sued for saying they are old now. Come on! You got to give a big round of applause for SAKARA. Because at least they are being 100 times better than emo bands. Emo bands are just killing people with their negative and attention seeking lyrics. When was the last time you heard a new band with decent tracks? SAKARA is one of them with decent lyrics based on emotions like struggle, frustration within yourself. It might be about War. They ain't guaranteeing you the awesomeness for time being. They are decent enough to be in your list.

Bass, Drums, Guitars and Vocals are main parts of a band. Syncing both together is such a pain in the ass task. Producing, promoting and recording is one more pain in the ass and also mount Fuji task. You can't rapture the volcano without disturbing it for 100 years constantly. Rock bands are the same. There are various types. Hard rock is one of the sell out like fresh batch of pancakes kind of music. But not as Pop these days where there is this one girl trying to gain attention by showing indecency of sexual disturbance to your brain. SAKARA doesn't involve such shit. It at least shows a better path for humanity for God's sake. Every time you come across vh7, Rock TV, tune in radio channels for Metal/rock station or maybe MTV (which is now literally dead), you find that standards have gone down for every bands. Each band just wants to be sell out. They write bullshit lyrics like 'oh my god! my heart is broken. I want my knife to cut my hand so that I could post my selfie in Facebook.' I quote "they use kill instead of cut". Bad language used just to finish off the lyrics. For goddamn sake, you are forming a band for the passion of Rock and not for money. Literally, it’s such a mindfuck that even your brain would be shouting to manufacture the word 'stop'.

SAKARA is one decent band. I love the band. I love each and every track. My personal favourite tracks are "Jonah", "From Ahes", "Stimulation Theory", "Heaven Maybe", "Return to Pangea", "The hunger", "Flesh And Blood", "Standing My Grounds", "Headlines" and "Forgetting What Was". I listed every of their track as my personal favourite. Why? Because they are great tracks. While I am typing the review, I am keeping them in loop in my playlist. This band can inspire other musicians to even create better music. With curiosity, I dug up into their Facebook page and it said it was produced by Johnny April from STAIND and also they are from U.S. When I saw the name STAIND, I was like no wonder. The quality is good. With support from well-known band, they might get opportunity. But got to admit, their bass is clearly heard, drums, guitars and vocals! There are only few out in the world who can actually pull out clean vocals for example : BREAKIN BENJAMIN's vocalist Benjamin Brunley, STAIND's vocalist Aaron Lewis and current SAKARA's vocalist Dan O' Brien.

Their potential tracks actually reminded me of DOPE and BREAKING BENJAMIN due to the growls and the clean vocals mix yet growls are exploded in the track "Return To Pangea". When I was listening to "From Ahes", it reminded me of a bit of poets of the fall. "The Hunger" is one soothing track after "Headlines". Their tracks are epic and the bass lines are so prominent in "Headlines” more than any other track. "Heaven Maybe" sounded rebellious. With load of here and there tracks, it's going good with load of energy. The vocals, the bass, the guitars and also drums are energetic enough to pound the whole sound system. To be precise, this band can go more than any average band in the mainstream, it has the potential to be remembered for ages if they actually sell themselves and promote themselves in a standardized format. I wouldn't be surprised if big record labels like Roadrunner Records would actually choose them and BREAKING BENJAMIN asking them to headline their act. Because this band has got that raw power. SAKARA will be there in the top.

5 Star Rating

1. Jonah
2. Headlines
3. Standing My Grounds
4. Flesh And Blood
5. The Hunger
6. Forgetting What Was
7. Return To Pangea
8. From Ahes
9. Heaven Maybe
10. Simulation Theory
Dan O'Brien - Vocals
Mike Bilodeau - Drums
Joe Rogers - Guitars
Cody Bryden - Guitars
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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