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Saligia - Vesaevus

by Craig Rider at 12 January 2020, 1:11 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SALIGIA; signed via Ván Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Black Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: "Vesaevus" (released 30.11.2019).

Since formation in 2006; the duo in question have 3 Demos, 1 EP & 3 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: "Vesaevus"; 7 tracks ranging at around 43:22, SALIGIA arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black Metal devleopments. "Ashes" begins the record; opening up with an eerily daunting opera, until unleashing orchestral mayhem. Amplified adrenaline; boistrously bouncy gnarliness, and crunchy instrumentation fuel eardrums with vehemently unique versatility. Rampaging with quintessential virtuosity; stampeding chaos, chugging gallops & frantic frolicking capture monstrously meaty manifestations – meticulously relentless ramifications & melodically harmonic haste flamboyantly compose fierce firepower into a blistering barrage of seamlessly sonic expertise.

Consisting of Ahzari on voices/strings; the frontman demonstrates a furiously gritty flair of rawly rough pipes, lungs of concretely high-pitched snarls & throaty raspiness. "Malach Ahzari" distributes complex dexterity; fabricating intensely fast guitar riffs, thunderously savage pursuits of dynamically diligent detail & breakneck trailblazing that showcases rapidly swift nimbleness with a healthy dose of organic substance salubriously subjugating an electrifying whirlwind of rampent solidities. Profusely thumping out pulsating bass audibility also; hardened hymns exercise an experimental embellishment of riveting yet ritualistic stability. "Poison Wine" articulates distinguished distinctions that portray polished sound production fluidity; engaging in an immersively primitive yet primal slab of ominous slaughter, juxtaposed with killer lacerations & potently quirky snappiness. Sliding through with infectiously incredible injections of outrè panache, and a borderline foundation of punchy jumpiness revolved with rocketing vibrancy while transistioned with wildly rushing remedies. Unleashing rambunctious drum hammering from V. himself, battering with robust triggers & while repelling with steely precision.

"The Feather Of Ma'at" implements bombarding blastbeats; giving an explosive element, differentiating a concrete contrast of moody vibes & groovy executions amalgamating grindy grandures that provide stompy thrash malevolence - scattering the ground into a hostile fretwork of rumbling pandemonium. Smothered with ruthlessly tenacious perseverence that adroitly excels into a consistent atmosphere of blackened chunkiness, creating deadly but blasphemous kicks & killer shreds that roar with ripping persistence. "Draining The Wall" establishes fundamentally jarring kicks; variating with rich yet volatile madness, pumping bass lines converged with a somewhat theatrical vocal part – keeps it interesting & remarkably sophisticated while sinisterly sublime yet foreboding as hell.

"A Nuisance" embodies dark but daunting extremity; enlightened with thick yet filthy finesse, fulfilled into a menacing tribute of sickening skill – resulting with progressively technical hooks & gripping riffs that relish with tremendous performances that will melt faces for sure. Overall concluding "Vesaevus" with the titular track itself; in which is a 7:22 breathtaker, culminating oppressive talent with potentially unprecedented uniqueness which includes an orchestral pianist component - crafting momentously rhythmic soundscapes while using interlopes flowing through with an acoustic guitar intruding for a more prestigious outlook.

Bottom line; I enjoyed a fantastic discovery, and SALIGIA certainly outdone themselves for a duo deliverance - a majestically rocking disc in which should please most metallers from around the world! Check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Ashes (6:17)
2. Malach Ahzari (7:40)
3. Poison Wine (6:32)
4. The Feather Of Ma'at (3:54)
5. Draining The Well (5:39)
6. A Nuisance (5:58)
7. Vesaevus (7:22)
Ahzari - Voices/Strings
V. - Drums
Record Label: Ván Records


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