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Saliva – Love, Lies And Therapy

Love, Lies And Therapy
by Michael Humphrey at 08 November 2016, 5:53 PM

SALIVA is an American Alternative Rock band that was formed in 1996. “Love, Lies And Therapy” is their tenth release and features a mostly Melodic Rock direction with atmospheric and dynamic elements in between mellow and heavy sections to keep it interesting.

“Trust” is the opening track. It enters on a dark industrial drum and guitar beat, overlaid with bright roomy notes ringing through the verses to create a tense cosmological atmosphere. The chorus reverts to a more Heavy Rock style, creating a pace dynamic that makes the song an excellent track to open the album with. “Tragic Kind of Love” takes a similar approach, with mellower atmospheric verses and heavier chorus sections. “Bitch Like You” begins with a heavy bass riff, which persists largely through the verses and continues to have a strong presence in the song, through the heavier chorus and a mellow bridge.

“Unshatter Me” is more of a Rock ballad in nature, with a mournful performance from vocals and guitar - as well as a stringed section and e-bowed guitars in the later parts of the song, which contribute to the atmosphere. “Broken Wings” features atmospheric guitar arpeggios that provide melody in a more Piano-esque playing style that captures the listener before swinging into the simple mellow verse/heavy chorus structure that so far defines the album’s songs. “Rx” is perhaps the most Hard Rock song so far, doing away with the more atmospheric tones and Core riffing, taking more direct melodic and rhythmic approaches indicative of the band’s Melodic Rock fundamentals.

“Breakdown” features an acoustic guitar and dual vocals, which to a mellow lamenting performance and create an emotional experience; the introduction of orchestral elements also give the song further depth. “Go Big or Go Home” has a more Hip Hop Metal feel to it, featuring rapping in the verses and stylistic yelling in the chorus, along with songwriting and production much in the vein of 2000s Alternative Metal bands. “Loneliest Know” is another rock ballad with complimenting backing vocals, a deep bass sound that provides depth and layered acoustic and distorted guitars that come together to create a full-sounding end to the song.

“Refuse to Lose” screams rebellion, with hardcore riffing and vocal performances delivered like an expressive speech over the sounds of sirens and chanting crowds; the delay on the vocals and the slightly djenty tone of the guitars make this mood particularly effective. “They Don’t Care About Us” features an unusual performance on the vocals, with a bouncing one word per line structure to help reiterate the beat even in the absence of drums or rhythm instruments during the verses. The last track of the album, “Hand in Hand”, is a ballad that begins with an acoustic guitar and vocals providing the foreground of melody whilst drums and bass keep a low rhythm and roll the song along. Heavier elements become present in the choruses and the guitar solo with the song building up before settling back to just the acoustic guitar, closing the curtains on the album with a soft note.

Overall, “Love, Lies, And Therapy” is a great album that blends a range of genres to add depth to the Melodic Rock style of the band whilst creating interesting aspects to what might otherwise be a bland experience. However, the simplistic nature of song structure and songwriting can bring the album down sometimes, with some songs sounding somewhat repetitive or unoriginal. From a stylistic point of view the album is solid, and often provides delicious riffs and stunning melodies to keep you hooked.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. Trust
  2. Tragic Kind of Love
  3. Bitch Like You
  4. Unshatter Me
  5. Broken Wings
  6. Rx
  7. Breakdown
  8. Go Big or Go Home
  9. Loneliest Know
  10. Refuse to Lose
  11. They Don't Care About Us
  12. Hand in Hand
Bobby Amaru - Vocals
Wayne Swinny - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brad Stewart - Bass
Paul Crosby - Drums
Record Label: Universal Music Enterprises


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