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Saliva - Rise Up

Rise Up
by Yngwieviking at 19 May 2014, 7:55 PM

This record is an updated re-release of their previous album “In It to Win It” available in the United States from September 2013, indeed it features all of its songs except "Animal", "Flesh", and "I.D.N.A.E", this is the official debut for new vocalist Bobby Amaru who replaced iconic/historic Lead singer Joesy Scott when he left the band in 2012.

So if you missed the plane, it’s your 'once in the lifetime' chance to fix it, here is “Rise Up” to save your ass…Perhaps, it could be an unique opportunity that will not occur again to correct this terrible error!

First, the rookie Bobby Amaru fills up perfectly the shoes of the departed frontman, bringing an equal dynamic to the band with maybe a new juvenile energy and a positive makeover thanks to his extended vocal range…The style is exactly the same,saturated in the extreme in order to find a prolific and sustained force, a new found energy enhanced with a systematic anthemic chorus mania and an irresistible groove, a true headbanging pace!

Personally i discovered the band with “Cinco Diablo” in 2008, and since then i followed their career and accordingly, as I am a freak / maniac / completist, i had to go down deep in their back catalogue with plenty of satisfactions…I recommend warmly this time machine trip until their very begining : “Every Six Seconds” through Island Records in 2001!

Today the new refounded/improved version of the SALIVA gang is true to his legacy…With a immensely reinforced style that displayed a tasty mix of contemporary Metal with an important dose of 80’s/90’s American Stadium Hard Rock, they hold a fierce recipe : Muscular & tangible…More serious in their metallic orthodoxy than PAPA ROACH ("Rise Up"/"In It To Win It") and more focused on the playing side than EMPHATIC or POP EVIL still competent with the same efficiency in the commercial hooks and ready to smash SHINEDOWN or NICKLEBACK in their own melodic department (“1000 Eyes”/"Choke")!

The track "Redneck Freakshow" sounds like the mighty SHOTGUN MESSIAH “Second Coming” era : the perfect live sing along hymn…The similarities are obvious…Amazing!

The album contains twelve tracks of a bold and solid breed, creative & substantial from start to finish and it gives the positive vibe of a real collective effort, proving once again to the incredulous world full of sceptic unbelievers that the new incarnation of SALIVA is still alive and kicking, yet as vivid today as they were in the past.  And consequently the up-coming months will bring a well earned wave of success and the future looks pretty cool for SALIVA!

4 Star Rating

1. Rise Up
2. She Can Sure Hide Crazy
3. No One But Me
4. Lost
5. 1000 Eyes
6. Redneck Freakshow
7. Choke"
8. Army
9. Closer
10. In It To Win It
11. The Enemy
12. I Don’t Want It
Bobby Amaru – Lead Vocals
Wayne Swinny – Guitar
Dave Novotny – Bass
Paul Crosby – Drums / Percussion
Record Label: Rum Bum Records


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