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Saltatio Mortis - Des Konigs Henker (CD)

Saltatio Mortis
Des Konigs Henker
by Dimitris T. at 23 November 2005, 8:57 PM

Looking at the band's lineup you can notice a range of some musical instruments in a totally foreign direction than what a Metal fan is used to hearing. Bagpipes, shawm and percussion are surely not the everyday recipe!
Saltatio Mortis originates from Germany and the seven musicians chose their band's name from the Latin phrase Dance Of The Dead. Their name is also used as an identity to their style, which is Folk Metal or better described as medieval market influenced Folk metal. They have released Tavernakel in 2001 and after signing a deal with Napalm Records, with the help of Maestro Lutz (Umbra & Imago) in the production, the band's released their second full length work, Das Zweite Gesicht, in 2002. Afterwards followed the Falsche Freunde CD Single and Erwachen in 2003. Also, this year Saltatio Mortis independently released their live album Manufactum.
Musically the sound of Des Konigs Henker (which means The King's Executioner) is a combination of a groovy guitar, he sound of bagpipes and clear, most of the time, vocals in German language. This lingual fact adds to the overall atmosphere of the album but it might also make some listeners find it a bit hard to swallow. Thomas Heimann-Trosien, known for his work with In Extremo and Schandmaul, produced the album. The songs are melodic and heavy and the medieval feeling is clear all around this release. There is a variety of tempo in the album with both slower parts like Toten Augen as well as up-tempo tracks like Salz Der Ende. Overall the Medevial Market Metal music feeling is definitely cheerful and enjoyable.
Saltatio Mortis is not a band with a conventional sound. On the contrary this is very good music and especially fans of In Extremo and Subway to Sally and all fans of the atmospheric groovy sound should try listening to Des Konigs Henker.

3 Star Rating

Des Konigs Henker   
Salz Der Erde   
Rette Mich   
Vergiss Mein Nicht   
Tote Augen   
Tritt Ein   
Ecce Gratum   
Keines Herren Knecht   
Fur Dich   
Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuletzt   

*Bonus, only on Lim. Edition
Alea der Bescheidene - Vocals, Bagpipes & Shawm
Die Fackel - Bass, Bagpipes & Shawm
Dominor der Filigrane - Guitars, Bagpipes, Shawm & Vocals
Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mummelstein - Bagpipes, Hurdy-gurdy, Shawm & Vocals
Lasterbalk der Lasterliche - Drums & Percussion
Thoron Trommelfeuer - Bagpipes, Shawm & Percussion
Ungemach der Missgestimmte - Guitars & Bagpipes
Record Label: Napalm Records


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