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Saltatio Mortis - Wer Wind Saet (CD)

Saltatio Mortis
Wer Wind Saet
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 13 September 2009, 3:48 PM

It is a well known fact that the Folk Metal scene has the strongest representatives in Germany. Especially, those bands that use their native language seem to enjoy the greatest success inside the Folk Metal circles. I will not argue with this fact and I will only add that the German pronunciation fits perfect to the medieval atmosphere many bands implement in their music like IN EXTREMO or SUBWAY TO SALLY for example.
In this medieval Metal bands list there is also the name of SALTATIO MORTIS that in Latin means 'death dance.' Well, the music in Wer Wind Sat has nothing to do with death dance music. On the contrary, the music is mainly up-tempo that has the tendency to lift your spirits and -why not- dance yourself out.
The bagpipe sounds in Ebenbild 'say' everything the listener needs to know about SALTATIO MORTIS' musical character. Groovy distorted guitars, mid to fast tempo and some RAMMSTEIN-like vocals. And this means passionate singing with an underlying primitive layer that tops everything off. SALTATIO MORTIS do not stand still in their music; on one hand they sound as medieval as it is required but on the other they implement some modern almost electronic sounds in the background. These additions take SALTATIO MORTIS out of the Folk Metal box and into the way of creating their own personal sound. On the second track with the Eastern melodic lines there is the beautiful voice of our Metal Queen Doro. Once again, the Germans prove that they 'adopt' different elements in their music and in the end make them look/sound like their own. No comments are needed here for Doro's emotional voice with the trademark harshness really take the song into a higher level.
Of course, in the album there are also tracks that justify the term 'Folk' in the tag outside this release. One of those is the ballad Letzte Worte with the clean guitar rhythm, the bagpipe that plays the chorus melody and the flute sounds. Usually, bands belonging to this scene are getting lost by the over-use of non-Metal instruments in the shake of melody and the Folk atmosphere. But SALTATIO MORTIS manages to avoid getting caught in this track mainly by using the proper amount of guitar distortion. The sound production also works in the same direction and keeps the guitars in the frontline line while all the instruments with the strange names in the background. Thus, in the album there the Heavy tracks like the 'angry' Miststuck and the Scottish or Irish (if you prefer) party song Vergessene Gotter that also hides some late SKYCLAD resemblances. I really love the bass guitar sound in this one!
As the promo sheet says, SALTATIO MORTIS are ready once again to conquer the German charts and due to their modern profile -at least- in some of the European countries. If you are a fan of this scene then you will find a lot to enjoy here. Keep in mind though, there are some modern elements which some may find kind of foreign for this music genre and their cup of tea.

PS: To the record label; it is kind of useless to use 'voiceovers' in Germans! Not all of us are speaking this language.

3 Star Rating

La Jument De Michao      
Letzte Worte      
Kaltes Herz      
Tief In Mir      
Aus Traumen Gebaut      
Manus Manum Lavat      
Vergessene Gotter      
Wir Saen Den Wind
Alea der Bescheidene - Vocals, Guitars, Bagpipe, Shawm, Didgeridoo
Bruder Frank - Bass, Chapman Stick
El Silbador - Bagpipe, Shawm, Binjou
Falk Irmenfried v. Hasen-Mummelstein - Bagpipe, Hurdy-Gurdy, Shawm
Lasterbalk der Lasterliche - Drums, Percussion
Samoel - Guitar, Cittern
Record Label: Napalm Records


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