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Sammy Berell - Beyond The Veil Award winner

Sammy Berell
Beyond The Veil
by Andrew Harvey at 06 December 2021, 6:39 AM

SAMMY BERELL is certainly no one hit wonder nor is he short being musical, he grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s in Northern Sweden. His family were also very musical and his father worked as a priest, SAMMY BERELL was exposed to the sounds of organ which was mostly MOZART, BACH, VIVALDI and HANDEL. Through his taste in classical legends plus symphonies, opera’s or musicals together with bands like; DREAM THEATRE, VAN HALEN and MALMSTEEN. He began to seek his own sound. When he was 6 years old, he learned the piano moving onto flute and violin before his switch to drums then finally electric guitar. He then found that the 1990’s was of course marked with the arrival of the grunge rock scene so very few took notice of SAMMY ambitions as a musician seriously. But after a long wait in 2017, his debut album PASSION DREAMS was released through Dark Force Records and Sound Pollution.

Now after his debut album and his collaboration with GÖRAN EDMAN on “Dystopia” in 2020, SAMMY BERELL is ready for another album release titled BEYOND THE VEIL. The album was produced with MARTIN SWEET and featured MARK BOALS from MALMSTEEN but it starts with a rather rhythmic power metal intro titled “Devil Dance”. The backbeat of this track is cunning like the vocals but the harmonies is what also holds this track together. Drums are bombastic with electric guitar singing loudly with style with vibrato and brings a more glamorous rock feel. “Night And Day” a more settled track with interesting drum patterns plus with a nice warm tone which is more pronounced this time. Perhaps a more psychedelic rock and power metal before going into the next track. “All The Divine” has a more instrumental side to what we heard before with no vocals, it’s a good chance to hear more each instrument contributes.

Even the keyboard backing up with that even flow of classic rock with powerful drumming plus beautiful guitar playing. “Pure” with melodic guitar and slow upbeat guitar drum intro, quite smooth before the guitar paves way for cymbal hits and vocals to dominate. This track comes with a lullaby or caring gesture where the protagonist is mainly romantic moves through music, symbolized by lyrics and vocal dynamics. “Angel Of Mercy” has a more 80’s keyboard feel plus more wild guitar spills & thrills and classic rock drums pulled back now. Again the absence of vocals allows time and space for all instruments to come together in unison. “Time For Goodbye” more of that 80’s keyboard, vocals more rebellious and guitar supporting but not being loud, sitting in its own space. Vocals pauses or breaks to allow guitar or drums to elaborate musically.

“‘Sonata’ Beyond The Veil ‘Andante’” roars on and guitar becomes the voice of this track with drums & bass accompanying plus keys so sweetly but slowed down. The clinical guitar is good, technical with variation of pitch and vibrato, very soloistic. Onto the final of the album titled “Pegasus War Suite” with acoustic guitar but brighter in colour and blossoming like a butterfly spreading its wings. It’s more classical guitar and it plays well with chorale chanting more angelic then the heavy guitar introduces rough hard rock. Drums and guitar sharing the narrative with a more progressive feel may be mixed with power metal of guitar. Then gradual diminuendo and what a finish indeed, superb really and inviting. This is but a simple work of art, well arranged going into hair-raising tonal quality.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

Overall: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Devil Dance
2. Night And Day
3. All The Divine
4. Pure
5. Angel Of Mercy
6. Time For Goodbye
7. ‘Sonata’ Beyond The Veil ‘Andante’
8. Pegasus ‘War Suite'
Sammy Berell - Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums
Mark Boals - Guitars and Songwriting
Record Label: Dark Force Records


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