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Samtar - Shadow Of The King's Charade

Shadow Of The King's Charade
by Craig Rider at 03 March 2023, 2:00 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SAMTAR; with the record label unknown, the duo in question hail from the United States of America - performing Alternative/Progressive Rock, on the 5th full-length studio album entitled: “Shadow Of The King’s Charade” (released January 13th, 2023). The soloist in question has 5 full-length studio albums in his discography so far entitled: “Plotting Against Reality” (released 17th July, 2020); “The Curse Of Luminosity” (released 8th January, 2021), “Cryptic Tales From A Vision Obscured” (15th October,. 2021), “A Chapter Made Of Wood” (released 26th May, 2022) & this here 5th record entitled: “Shadow Of The King’s Charade” of which I am introduced to. 13 songs ranging around 44 minutes; SAMTAR arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting rock developments.

Opening up with this riveting remedy of guitar acoustic harmony; a catchy element in ethereal mood & melody forges a distilled but atmospheric implementation as a fuzzy sound production shrouds speakers with mellifluous euphony and sublime sanguinity within “The Shadows From My Dreams”. A jazzy symbiosis ramifies with this organic substance on gritty density and raw yet monolithic tempo, manifesting with versatile boogie-esque exhilaration in composed synthetics where Samtar himself executes a snappy nimbleness on unique songwriting musicianship that’s most revelled with keyboard-esque symphony amongst a choppy foundation in a borderline integrity of rambunctious drum hammerings, razor-sharp bass audibility on top of some rapid guitar frolicking exuberance that’s quite dexterously dynamic - especially in the technical maelstrom of the jumpy quirkiness of “Cool To Me”.

Echoes From Across The Sea” relishes with sulphurous yet venomous vibes of feel-good solace; where mythical guitars echo with majestic stridency & seamless momentum of unorthodox panache, vocally speaking… The best example I can give is from SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s Seri Tankian, clean but elegant, an alternative fabrication flamboyantly captivates eardrums with zestful throatiness that’s most wacky. “The Horror Within” creates a diversely boisterous flair in wildly rushing slabbiness; fuelling a hybrid experimentation in choppy finesse and crunchy calamity, crafting a distinctively distinguished ability in buoyant characteristics that transitions with trippy furore for good diligence. “The Man” & “The Fool” both interject an interlude tonality of progressive technicality that’s prodigiously swerve whilst sophisticated; salubriously thudding with sturdy synergy & systematic daintiness, as energetic grooves rumble you with reverberating distortion in chimeful exquisites that’s most moving.

You Bleed” features Jamie Giesen on the thumpy bass (also in “Wild Boys); conjuring up this rompy rift on immersive epic instrumental prowess, persistently persevering with vibrantly potent pursuits on singsong cryptics and vivacious rigour. Vigorously unearthing this striking serenity on upbeat effervescence; “She Will Have Her Revenge” captivates heads with these rollicking grips in headed flashiness, demonstrating a snazzy yet flexible fundamental in archaic archetypes of musical trance & immersive inventive but swaggy tremolo rips of shredding tonality. “River Spirit” dances epically with magnetic electricity; as does the marvelling meatiness of the most metallic song on the record: “Lost Vision”. The alt aesthetic is well known & solid, still making me think of SOAD legends heavily.

The penultimate rocker “Her Shadow” tones things down again with smooth & sweet-sounding tones, perfect for a good walking stroll through towns/forestry areas. Soothing pierces of thrilling singing and guitar driving hooks, the overall concluding grandeur “Town Of Forgotten Souls” orchestrates a grandiosity in flourishing pipes of uproarious vivacity and clamour whilst still keeping things melodramatic for good measure. The bottom line here is; I enjoyed a healthy dose in light-hearted but easy-listening echoes of wavering thrust that revolves around a diverse but idiosyncratic approach that will leave you mesmerised within the sheer talent SAMTAR offers here, which respectfully performs well under Samtar’s own merit & potential. An enjoyably entertaining discovery awaits you with this one; “Shadow Of The King’s Charade” is a lofty experience in Alt Rock magnificence that’s splendidly written - worthy of spinning or replaying a good few times, of which this subgenre has been justifiably produced - do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Shadow From My Dreams
2. Cool To Me
3. Echoes From Across The Sea
4. The Horror Within
5. The Man
6. The Fool
7. You Bleed
8. She Will Have Her Revenge
9. River Spirit
10. Wild Boys
11. Lost Vision
12. Her Shadow
13. Town Of Forgotten Souls
Samtar – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums/Keys
Jamie Giesen – Bass on Wild Boys, You Bleed
Record Label: Independent


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