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Sankt Velten – The Discreet Charm Of Evil

Sankt Velten
The Discreet Charm Of Evil
by Joseph Brewer at 01 April 2020, 12:39 AM

Of all the kinky fetishes found throughout society, the desire for heat does not actually sound all that wild. Passion and heat go hand in hand when you think about love and the infatuating spell it can cast on people. Picture in your mind, romantic images of warm, coastal beaches or cuddling up by a warm fire. Now consider the hottest, sexiest item of all: the oft overlooked … microwave? That sets the stage for the hit single, “Sex in a Microwave” from the debut album “The Discreet Charm of Evil” by artist Sankt Velten - the alter ego of Arnd, axeman of the German Cult Thrashers DARKNESS. SANKT VELTEN is a multi-European project with participants from Germany, Croatia, and Switzerland. A passion project, “The Discreet Charm of Evil” is an energetic, shameless heavy metal romp delivered through the psyche of a veteran rocker that doesn’t shy away from politics, bondage, and the mentality of the rebellious.

Right off the bat, SANKT VELTEN hits with one of the best songs on the album: “Dancing in Purgatory.” A creeping harpsichord melody leads into a circus-y introduction of our protagonist, Sankt Velten. And from there, the heavy metal drops and thumping double bass kicks the song into gear. Velten’s voice has a unique quality to it. He sings with a nasally delivery while occasionally coating it with a bit of rasp. The chorus is high energy and very addictive and will stay in your head for days. Most of the album, Velten is speaking directly to the audience, clamoring for support or persuading any that would listen towards submission. His presence in the album is that of a charming villain, tempting his audience with his enticing words and vile ideas. This song, in particular, focuses on an offer by Velten to recruit followers to join him in his hellish purgatory.

The next song on the album is the single, “Sex in a Microwave,” which also has a lyric video to go along with it. The song delivers on what you would expect based on the title. It’s a not-so-consensual tune in which the demonic Velten describes in detail a night of fiery lust with a dollop of masochism on the side. Lyrical content aside, the song is catchy as hell! It kicks off with a pulsing guitar riff that soon swells with the rest of the band: thumping bass lines, marching drumbeats, and eventually Velten’s deep, gravelly voice. This is also the introduction of the choir; Catharina Demonica really shines, and her voice brings a purity and lightness to counter the dark depth of Velten’s voice.

The rest of the album delivers more of the same hard rock/heavy metal songs. Almost all of them follow the standard song structure: opening, verse, bridge, chorus, repeat once, guitar solo and/or lead into alternate bridge, chorus one more time. “I Won’t Die Again” is an Alice Cooper type goth track. “Mano Cornuta” is a dive into the occult, but there is something mesmerizing in the chorus that just gets addicting and in your head. There is a ballad, “Back Into The Fire,” that allows Velten to pour some true emotion and anguish into his performance; overall it works well. The title track, “The Discreet Charm of Evil,” is another great listen. Lyrically, it’s one of the few songs where the intention is clear and Velten is able to deliver on sowing doubt and disbelief in those willing to listen. The band backs it with a killer gallop throughout. This is another moment where Catharina Demonica and the choir shine as backing harmony.

Overall, once I got over the shock that some of the more perverse songs delivered (give “Warporn” a listen if “Sex in a Microwave” wasn’t enough for you), I enjoyed the album. Most of the songs were composed well, and honestly, there were no shortages of catchy hooks. The singing, while gruff and rough, was enticing and often shone in the chorus. Especially when paired with the choir. For those in the mood for something a bit dark, demonic, and entertaining, look no further than this entry by Sankt Velten.

Favorite Songs: Dancing in Purgatory, Mano Cornuta, The Discreet Charm of Evil

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Dancing In Purgatory
2. Sex In A Microwave
3. I Won't Die Again
4. Mano Cornuta
5. Back Into The Fire
6. The Discreet Charm Of Evil
7. Gods For Sale
8. Do Penance
9. Warporn
10. Postcards From Hell
Sankt Velten – Vocals/ Guitar/ Bass/ Choir
Eldar "Piper" Ibrahimovic – Drums
Catharina Demonica – Choir
Record Label: Scare - Records


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