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Sapiency – For Those Who Never Rest

For Those Who Never Rest
by Rob Stone at 14 September 2020, 3:48 PM

Melodic Death Metal from Germany is really not a hard sell. It’s just a fact that Europeans produce some of the best bands in the genre. As a result, you can pretty much assume that a band of this nature will just be great before you even hear them. However, this fact is a double-edged blade because it means the standard is so high that it can be difficult to live up to people’s expectations. One such band is SAPIENCY, who have released their new album, “For Those Who Never Rest”. Immediately the album is dedicated to the people that the band wishes to make a difference for. Each track is about an individual taking the opportunity to make a positive change to their lives. This is something that is becoming more prominent in the metal community as of late, but it does not negate the good intentions behind the band for choosing to spread a message in support of mental health. It is truly a decent thing to do.

The first track, “Everest”, begins with a looming intro before the vocals let out a yell and the riffing begins. The guitar tones are crisp and clear with the perfect mix of distortion, heaviness and clarity. The vocals are very impressive with the inflection of the chorus vocals coming through in his singing voice adding to the emotion of the track. The extreme vocals are done similarly to the guitar, guttural and yet at the same time very clear and easy to understand. “Like Yourself” has a very familiar sound, but not in this genre. The guitar line and drumming style as well as the vocal delivery is very reminiscent to that of 00’s metalcore, which is no bad thing. The trend continues into the chorus with clean arpeggiated chords being played under soaring clean vocals. This track shows great versatility in the band's repertoire.

As the album is well and truly underway by track three, “Dangerous Game”, the listener is treated to an epic orchestral arrangement for an intro before transitioning into a synth infused, groove influenced riff. At this point it would be difficult to point out anything that the band has repeated in the album, there is a new style around every turn. At precisely the time that you think the album has started to even out and become more consistent with its style, you would be corrected by “Thin Ice”. A softly played piano intro with roared emotional vocals placed over top. The drumming takes a back seat to allow the vocals full control over the pace of the track. If there is such thing as a power ballad in Melodeath, then this is it, and it’s a damn good one at that.

Borderline” is a track with an intro that is absolutely made for a wall of death to be prepared during. The riff is pushing the whole song forward with force and motion. Sections are transitioned between in such a smooth fashion and the whole track is another example in many present on this release that musicians would wish they came up with themselves. “I Am Alive” begins with a decidedly more heroic atmosphere. The song oozes of triumph and is a standout when remembering the intention behind the album. Extremely uplifting, extremely heavy. The final track of the album begins with a glitching effect before being introduced to a clean guitar line. Chords being palm muted under that signature roar that sounds just as powerful as always. The interplay between both vocalists is very impressive and sounds like a feat that will be difficult to achieve live. At almost seven minutes long, “Dropped Again” is an epic outro to the release that has achieved much more than anyone could have expected.

The band has managed to bridge gaps between so many different genres and styles that it can choose to cross at any point fluidly and with expert execution. This is transcending more than just Melodic Death Metal. It has everything from Death Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore and even more. This is a top pick for anyone looking to find a band on the rise.

Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9
Songwriting: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Everest
2. Like Yourself
3. Dangerous Game
4. Revenge
5. Bleeding in the Sun
6. Thin Ice
7. Sick
8. C’est la Vie
9. Borderline
10. I Am Alive
11. Dreamer
12. Dropped Again
13. Like Yourself
Lars Bittner – Vocals
Tyler Zechlinski – Extreme Vocals
Holger Wenck – Guitars
Rene Ritzmann – Guitars, Synth Programming
Hendrik Winter – Bass
Jonas Schutz – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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