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Sarcasm - Crematory (Reissue)

Crematory (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 September 2013, 4:24 PM

It is time to head back to the past, one of these journeys I like to take from time to time, back to the greyness and despair of Eastern Europe of the late 80s. I decided that I won’t be presenting you with a sob story about the communist influence upon the local Metal music market, if it could have been called an actual market. On the contrary, I will let you in about a once Yugoslavic, now Slovenian, band that goes by the name of SARCASM. Frankly, a highly amusing chosen title for this band as it reflects the sorrowful state of music in general in their country. SARCASM was considered a sort of gem back in their early years, like bloodied rose in a valley of thorns. Reclaiming elements of Speed, slight techy Thrash and melodic Metal swaggers, hinting of early 80s DESTRUCTION, IRON MAIDEN, ASTHAROTH, early VOIVOD and WOLF SPIDER among other oldies, SARCASM created an interesting assorted foundation of Metal, which was highly acclaimed as they emerged. On Parole Productions took it upon them to reissue the band’s debut “Crematory” that was originally released on cassette in 1989, along with several supplementary collectible hodgepodges.

“Crematory” appeared to be SARCASM’s both first and last stop before declining into oblivion after 1994. Though being a fan of Bay Area Thrash, which raced mostly against the European savagery perception of the genres in Thrash’s golden years, SARCASM’s musical infrastructure seemed quite fitting, different, sophisticated in a weird kind of way stepping close to being artistic even if represented as less brutal or heavy. Through a rather vibrant sound production, a cause of a decent mixing and possibly due to the great remastering, you have the opportunity to listen to every single channel that was recorded quite clearly and experience the band’s offerings. As for their offerings, I believe that this debut was a bit of a miss especially with their kind of material and musical integrity. “Crematory” contains a few marvellous highlight tracks like the instrumental genius innovations of MAIDENish nature in the image of “Sarcastic Reborn”, the proto Thrash and rather melodious Speed Metal assaulter “Thrash Tonight” and the surprisingly Hard N’ Heavy kicker that proved that SARCASM had quite a broadened vision, “Love At First Sight”“The Krüger Story”, acclaiming one of the 80s top American horror characters, appeared quite nifty, closer to being technical and speedy with gaudy bass and instantaneously melodic guitar works. Eventually from here on end, “Crematory” sunk deep into nothingness with fillers and horrid deliveries. Furthermore, I must admit that the demo insertions and two complementary tracks unreleased can’t be regarded as tasty treats, though collectible and for keeps. Here and there a few lead guitar soloing as above average turnout. Generally, nothing too hazardous, sometimes annoying, yet nothing gained.

The long history of 80s Metal contains “Crematory” from a band that could have made a name for itself if it would have remained united throughout their early days. In due course, SARCASM reunited, with a few lineup changes, in 1998, and started working on new material in their local language until coming back to their universal sense in 2006. It is unknown to me if they reserved something of their older selves, yet I am glad I have “Crematory” as a reminder.    

3 Star Rating

1. Road Warriors
2. Crematory
3. Sarcastic Reborn
4. Thrash Tonight
5. Love At First Sight
6. The Krüger Story
7. Fate
8. Runaway
9. The Krüger Story (Demo)
10. Fate (Demo)
11. Runaway (Demo)
12. Eclipse
13. Don’t Care If They Know
Osim Čehić – Vocals
Aleš Blaznik – Guitars
Sandi Dolinar – Bass
Matjaž Kacin – Drums
Matjaž Hudobivnik - Guitars
Record Label: On Parole Productions


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