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Sarcasm - Revolt (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 July 2007, 10:04 AM

This is the first time On Parole Productions sends a promo CD for a review and I admit I am a bit impatient to see what are SARCASM all about. This is one of the times you get excited with something not even knowing what it is. I just want to listen to the album and see if it is worth being so excited or I am just impatient for no good reason.

SARCASM is a band that comes from Kranj, Slovenia. Even though this is the first time I come across them, they have been an active band since 1987! Their twenty years of existence do not mean a thing. They have only released four full-length albums, including Revolt. Their debut album was released in 1989 and then they were silent for 13 years, until 2002 when they released Igra Narave. Anyway, Revolt is their third album that is being released through On Parole Productions.

When I read that this band has been a support act for titans like MOTORHEAD and SEPULTURA I just thought I would have to do with a kick-ass Thrash Metal band. I guess I was wrong since SARCASM seem not to be able to stand a chance against the rest of today's Thrash Metal scene. Unfortunately, Thrash Metal is full of uninspired and shitty albums nowadays and the bands that can really rock my world are only a few. SARCASM belong to the category of uninspired Thrash with a really bad production and a not so good voice.
Yeah, if we were in the early 80's or something, this band would surely sound a lot better, but not only they are too 'retro' - which is not a bad thing when you are able to handle old-school stuff - and sound like an old garage level bad, they are also too unprofessional. As I said before, the sound sucks and the album has been recorded and mixed in a really amateur way. Sorry, but this is my opinion and I can't hide it with 'glorious' words.

Since I am a die-hard Thrash Metal fan and I can't stand less than mediocre releases, I have to be really severe. I guess I will have to go back to the last ONSLAUGHT release to listen to some kick-ass modern Thrash Metal. As for Revolt, it is definitely not my style.

2 Star Rating

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Mucy - Vocals
Blaznik - Guitar
Renko - Guitar
Buh - Bass
Kacin - Drums
Record Label: On Parole Productions


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