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Satan's Host - Virgin Sails

Satan's Host
Virgin Sails
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 November 2013, 7:14 PM

Respecting the lord of the underworld, conveying blasphemous preaching upon the listening audience below, the entire world is a stage setting and the devil’s word is spread far and wide, leaving hell for a stroll on the face of the earth carbonized in its human host, the host of Satan, to visit the awaiting maidens, the slaves next in line. The return of SATAN’S HOST, the American Heavy Metal band that has been spreading its blackened vision since 1979, one of the paramount US leaders of the first wave of Black Metal, similar to the likes of MERCYFUL FATE and VENOM in Europe. After experiencing their 2011’s “By The Hands Of The Devil”, which marked the return of The Tyrant, or accurately for this occasion Leviathan Thisiren, meaning Harry Conklin the powerful vocalist of the recently disbanded JAG PANZER fame, was an inspiring album of a highly developed Heavy Metal. Two years afterwards, with the re-emergence of their Moribund Cult Records label, the satanic horde revealed “Virgin Sails”, a neck breaking menace of creative Heavy Metal following the vibe of their previous, yet also establishing new grounds for the band with slightly more sophisticated songwriting and compositions, sometimes even resembling CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED.

Even though a little far in quality in comparison to “By The Hands Of The Devil”, this new album still provides the crushing classic driven assault wave that SATAN’S HOST has been showing since reasserting their Heavy Metal direction after Conklin’s return to the ranks. Patrick Evil is a mere wizard, composing hellish riffery that apply to late post NWOBHM / 80’s US Metal, including Thrash / Speed / Doom deliveries, while also mixing it up with modern day low end grooves along with certificating neat soloing arrangements. I was astonished by his efforts that led to profound assorted undertakings as once again Patrick Evil was able to assert the besmirched atmosphere and textures of a true first wave Black Metal album in a newly fashioned form. Anthony Lopez aka the Evil Little Hobbit thrilled with his outstanding drumming, like a machine bombarding fast pace like a nonstop racer running on air. Such great skill isn’t that common I’d tell you that. He might not be exceedingly technical, yet his posture is dominant. Frankly, there is nothing too much to add on the performance of Margar that somewhat appeared common as a riff follow without showing his talent or taking on leading roles. However, Mr. Thisiren is decisive and inspiring as ever, singing in mid high range as it has been evident throughout his JAG PANZER days along with his reappearance with SATAN’S HOST combined with blackened semi growls that sounded so clear.

Structure and song wise, it appeared to me that probably the album’s weakness was the fact that several of the tracks felt over stretched with filler segments that weren’t really necessary like on the opening “Cor Malifecus – Heart Of Evil” or even on the largely impressive representations on the title track “Virgin Sails” and “Vaporous of the Blood”. There was a general impressive by yours truly that a few additions were forced where these tracks could be wicked conquerors in lesser time periods as their point where already perceived. On the other hand, it felt different after I listen to the relentlessly vehement storm of Speed / Power / Thrash Metal of “Infinite Impossibilities” or the miscellaneous Heavy Metal symptoms of the mysterious scorcher of “Island of the Giant Ants”. The epic “Virgin Sails” closing the package, destroys with slow tempo melancholic BLACK SABBATH oriented sinfulness, assimilating my mind with haunting riffery, slowly building up a gravelly landscape. I might even add the likes of “Vaporous of the Blood” that had that melodic JAG PANZER vibe within until the devilish build up that unleashed venom into a carving madness of effusive riffery and crude rhythm section. Even if not reaching its previous contender, it would be arduous for anyone not to experience the surroundings of “Virgin Sails”, truly an inspiring work created by a band that I urge you to keep on following.      

3 Star Rating

1. Cor Malifecus – Heart Of Evil
2. Island of the Giant Ants
3. Dichotomy
4. Of Beast and Men
5. Akoman
6. Reanimated Anomalies
7. Infinite Impossibilities
8. Vaporous of the Blood
9. Taromati
10. Virgin Sails
Patrick Evil - Guitars
Leviathan Thisiren - Vocals
Anthony Lopez - Drums
Margar - Bass
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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