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Satureye - Where Flesh And Divinity Collide (CD)

Where Flesh And Divinity Collide
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 September 2004, 10:50 PM

I can see which is the entire scenario is going on in Scandinavia during the last ten years. Vast majority of the bands there want to copy either Hammerfall - if they're into Heavy/Power Metal - or The Haunted - talkin' about the Speed/Thrash/Death subgenre. Sincerely, I can't see it any other way… anymore… It is such a pity that these two bands have polarized the entirety of nearly all Scandinavian releases. Hey guys, there's much more wisdom and creativity out there, go grab it and expand your (and our) horizons!!!
No sufficient info is given about Satureye. Having signed a contract with Karmageddon Media, the label christens them killer Swedish old school Thrash… definitely a must for fans of Kreator, VoiVod, Destruction, Merciless and Slayer. In my ears I reckognize another band influenced quite deeply by The Haunted (at first) and Dark Tranquillity (early-era), that no personal stamp can be retrieved from a total of 12 tracks. Surely, the band's performance is in great level (Swedish…ha…), the production fits well revealing all of the quartet's skills and prothesis to penetrate into the already congestioned pedestal of what I can easily call Not-Classic-Thrash-Metal. But…I remember Slayer being Evil, I memorize Destruction being Unholy, I consider Kreator being Hellish, I reflect on Voivod being Pervert. I can't tell anything further…
In no point trying to make any kind of comparison, Satureye stand tall rather owing to peripheral factors (technical background, production, executive swordsmanship) than their compositions' personality and authenticity. Speed chords with plain refrains, predictable bridges and so Haunted-ed vocal lines sum up to a dozen of friendly songs, pleasantly listened the first time but with no will to put the CD in again. Isn't that remarkable the fact that I'm sure that I won't have to play this CD again because I have nothing more to discover in the band's music?
I repeat, it's a pity because Satureye really deserve something better. They only way they can gain their slice of the pie is to stick more on how to filter their influences and create their own music than how to try and end up to a really great level of sounding similar to The Haunted. Really hope to see that happens in the band's next release!

2 Star Rating

The False Light
Destined To Wither
Through The Faceless Crowd
One Man Riot
Nothing Is Forever
The World In My Hand
Failure Forseen
Filled With Dust
Wasted Glories
In Mercury
Rogga - Vocals
Norsken - Guitar
Jocke - Bass
Henke - Drums
Record Label: Karmageddon Media


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