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Saturnian Mist - Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan

Saturnian Mist
Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 December 2011, 1:20 PM

Metal began from the underground and I believe that it received a sort of recognition that elevated it a bit, especially in the last decade. Nevertheless, there are plenty of Metalheads that say the opposite. Metal is an entity of the underground and it should stay that way in order not to be corrupted. I only half agree with that notion as Metal needs more than that but its source of power lies within the underground. The reason for me presenting the underground issue is because of the meaning of the term. The meaning drew me to the extreme side of the genre, the one that has the apparent reason to remain distinct from the rest.

This is how I am getting to the Finnish Black Metal craze of SARURNIAN MIST. The followers of the lord of the underworld turned their attention to the genre's first steps in the early 90s for guidance to their ultra rough material. The band's debut album, “Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan”, via Ahdistuksenaihio Productions enslaves the chilling morbidity along with a few extras such as clean vocal singing, male and female, or to be exact chanting and a few lead guitar outbursts that didn't always sum up in solos. Nonetheless, as I expected the black magic of early EMPEROR or CRADLE.OF FILTH, I was hit hard with something that may be crude and filthy bunt almost undistinguishable and hard to digest.

The question that should be asked is how far reaches the border of something underground or in this album’s case, too far under the ground? As an old school fan, I really don’t expect that every band would sound like a million dollar worth of a record, in the terms of both production and music, nonetheless, if there is a desire to sound vintage, brutal, extreme whatever, there is a way to do so. I don’t think that SARURNIAN MIST made an album that is so worthy as it looks and it is far from being close to the classics that made this sinister Metal subgenre as it is. Surly this band has its advantages, yet those are minimal in contrast to the drawbacks. As I mentioned, it starts with the written music then finishes with the final product in the recording studio, or as it sounds from this release, probably a raw basement live recording of the sorts that really annoyed and even ruined some of the listening.

“Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan”’s greatest musical impact was with “Aura Mystica” that combined a few elements outside the world of Black Metal that are more into other strange realms. It has several attractive melodies, a fine solo and even a womanly voice as an enhancer. “The Regicide”, though partially disorganized as the predominance of the album, also had some nice attributes in place. As an opening tune, it was sufficient to create a wicked moody sensation. I really couldn’t make of what “Sacrifice of Faces Unbroken” was all about. The larger part of the tracks was a sort of an argument, more of a shouting contest between what was seemed to be a demon, or the devil, and possibly a warrior, or an angel. The music behind was pretty stale without moving. Same was with “The Watcher's Feast” and a few others.

In general, I believe beyond doubt that SARURNIAN MIST wished to produce an album that would be dark, satanic in nature and malevolent. With a little organized production and written material they will achieve their goal while still presenting the old school approach with honor.      

2 Star Rating

1. The Regicide
2. Bythos in Quintessence
3. Consecration of the Temple
4. Temps-Des-Cranes
5. Sacrifice of Faces Unbroken
6. The Watcher's Feast
7. Aura Mystica
8. Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan 
Zetekh– Vocals
Chaoswind– Guitars
Shu-Ananda– Guitars
Ptahaz– Bass
Wyrmfang- Drums
Record Label: Ahdistuksenaihio Productions


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