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Savage - 7 / Live 'N' Lethal

7 / Live 'N' Lethal
by Saxon Davids at 16 November 2015, 11:17 AM

SAVAGE are one of the forgotten heroes so to speak of the NWOBHM movement back in the late 70's and since their formation have released classic and memorable material. Despite disbanding from '86 until '95, The guys have released a solid handful of demos and singles aswell as seven full length albums, including their brand new double album; The first disc being a new studio record fittingly called "7" and the second disc, "Live 'n' Lethal" is a live album containing all songs from their debut album "Loose 'n' Lethal" as well as a few tracks from "Sons Of Malice", "Xtreme Machine" and "Hyperactive".

In regards to disc 1, "7" is made up of 12 hard hitting tracks which shapes up one hell of a great album, the fire that SAVAGE had back in the 80's is still very much alive and burning bright! I really have to praise Chris Bradleys vocals here, he seems to get stronger and stronger which each album, baring similarity to John Bush (ARMORED SAINT, ex ANTHRAX). I mostly find that with albums this long, there are some underwhelming filler tracks, however in this case, every song is memorable and replayable with their own individual feel, direction and mood, making "7" an intising and gripping lissten from front to back.

And as if "7" wasn't satisfying enough, "Live 'n' Lethal" is an exhilerating listen also, admittidly you will need a lot of time on your hands to listen to both discs consecutively, but this second half to the monster double album has captured the bands live performance so well that there is no way in hell you will want to turn off this album, and I'd be surprised if you arent eyeing up SAVAGE tour dates when the album comes to a close. conclusively; "7" shall definitely keep pushing SAVAGE further than they've ever gone, they have been on a constant rise since their reformation in the mid 90's and i hope they continue to climb up to the top of the NWOBHM world. And as for the live bonus, huge success! My hopes is that this 2nd half will encourage people to see SAVAGE live, enabling them to keep doing what they're doing.

4 Star Rating

Disc 1 (“7”):
1. I Am The Law
2. Lock 'n' Load
3. Empire Of Hate
4. Super Spy
5. Circus Of Fools
6. Crazy Horse
7. Speed Freak
8. The Road To Avalon (Sins Of The Fathers)
9. Children Of The Night
10. Payback's A Bitch
11. Shake The Tree
12. Heads Will Roll

Disc 2 (“Live 'n' Lethal”):
1. A Prelude To Rage/The Rage Within
2. Black 'n' Blue
3. White Hot/China Run
4. On The Rocks
5. Aint No Fit Place
6. Dirt Money
7. Berlin/Cry Wolf
8. Let It Loose
9. Smilling Assassin
10. We Got The Edge
Chris Bradley - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Andy Dawson - Lead Guitars
Kristian M Bradley - Guitars
Mark Nelson - Drums
Record Label: Minus 2 Zebra Records


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