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Savage Necromancy – Feathers Fall To Flames

Savage Necromancy
Feathers Fall To Flames
by Savely Nevzorov at 04 July 2022, 11:12 PM

SAVAGE NECROMANCY’s “Feathers Fall To Flames” was originally released in 2021, but thanks to “20 Buck Spin” this record received a chance for a more expanded release. This album is a fine example of a seamless fusion of all Death and Black Metal's core principles aimed to worship the genres traditional values. The balance between the two genres keeps fluctuating from song to song, but the overall impression that this album leaves is very balanced. The songs are short, the pace is speedy, Diabolical Fuckwitch Of The Black Flame's voice is low and menacing, and the riffs are cold and angry exactly as they should be. It would be foolish to expect less from a band whose creative goal is to reach upon “glorious Black Metal victory that leaves no cross unturned”. So, does it manage to deliver?

Oh, hell yeah it does, because “Feathers Fall to Flames” brings back everything you like Death and Black Metal for: inspirational lyrics and song names, such as “Baptized In The Cum Of The Goat” or “Disgorging Christ’s Kingdom”; Unholy Black Metal riffs that are a little bit more complex than in your average BM due to the earlier-mentioned fusion with Death Metal; The eardrum-piercing sound of guitars and drums; and Painful realization that the average length of the songs on the album barely exceeds 3 minutes. The last one is more of a Death Metal feature though and is more of an advantage for some because SAVAGE NECROMANCY’s music is very eventful, and it could become quite overwhelming to spend a longer time with a record of such density and aggression. However, I have mixed feelings about records with total playtime lesser than 30 minutes being characterized as long plays. Another thing is songwriting and mixing. The record is pretty rough on the edges sometimes, and I believe, not necessarily in the places where the band intended it to be.

Thematically SAVAGE NECROMANCY follows the classic path of anti-Christian blasphemy peculiar to Black and Death Metal. It seems like the band spends every effort to tie their lyrical and musical components as tightly as possible. I enjoy it when metal music explores topics of brutality, violence, and other frightening events, and exaggerates them to almost a post-modern scale with their phantasmagorical levels of absurd hatred. But it’s always better when such powerful themes are accompanied by the appropriate music, and this is exactly where “Feathers Fall to Flames” delivers the best. It’s a concentration of unstoppable hatred crystallized in a form of a metal record. It is as evident in the music, as in sound design, lyrical contents, and artwork. Despite its short duration, this record has all chances to fulfill your hunger for brutal anti-Christian commentary for a long time.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Milenio De La Crucifixion
2. Baptized In The Cum Of The Goat
3. Conquest Of Nazareth
4. Gibbous Moon Of The Horned God
5. Storming The Gates Of Heaven
6. Genocidal Frostfukk Terrorstorm
7. Black Metal Victory
8. Unholy Banner Of The Black Tower
9. Disgorging Christ’s Kingdom
10. 666 Dead Angels
Diabolical Fuckwitch Of The Black Flame – Odious War Chants & Chthonic Incantations
Conjurer Of Putrid Desecrations – Unholy Axe Beheadings & Demonic Arch-fiend Summonings
Grand Marshall Of Hell – Ceremonial Conjurer Of Semenic Rhythms & Thunderous Primitivity
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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Edited 18 August 2022

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