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Savaoth - Whispers Often Bleat (CD)

Whispers Often Bleat
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 30 June 2009, 5:48 PM

I already knew SAVAOTH but unfortunately never had the chance to listen to their music. Their brand new full-length work Whispers Often Bleat is probably a great opportunity to see what these guys are all about. Not the style of their music, since the cover and the band logo are quite descriptive, but the quality of what they do (although quality is a kind of weird term).

Formed in Greece somewhere around 2004, SAVAOTH presented their dark sound with the 2005 demo Murk Of Erebus. Not long ago, the Athenian act managed to sign a contract with the also Athenian label I For An I Records for the release of its first ever studio album. This happened in late May, when Whispers Often Bleat hit the stores.

SAVAOTH is a Black Metal act that has tried to mix the symphonic scene with the Industrial one, drawing influences from bands like EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR and THE KOVENANT. After a pure Industrial intro the album's self titled track kicks in with a Black Metal riffing whirlwind. The already wicked guitars are completed with the dark and twisted keyboard melodies, as well as the cold Industrial synths that create a schizoid background for SAVAOTH's music. My only objections the programmed drumming which at some parts sounds too fake and plastic, especially at some melodic breaks, and the slightly extra work that should have been done on the music, since the Industrial and the Black Metal elements sound really tight, but there are moments that they sound like two totally different things in the sound.

SAVAOTH are offering a very good debut and show that they have the potential to become a force to be reckoned in the modern Black Metal scene. I suggest you check them out and give them a chance to capture you with their haunting melodies.

3 Star Rating

Prototype Generative Procedure
Whispers Often Bleat
My Virtuous Whore
The Illiberal Oppressor
Till Stars Don't Shine
Leaven Of Revolt
Dark Anise Scent
Bill - Vocals, Guitar
Angel - Bass
George - Drums
Q_snc - Keyboards
Record Label: I For An I Records


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