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Saviorskin - Omnipotence of the Absolute

Omnipotence of the Absolute
by Laura Glover at 27 January 2021, 7:09 AM

Houston, Texas based Gothic Doom Death Metal band, SAVIORSKIN, are new to the scene. They released their debut album on December 18, 2020; “Omnipotence of the Alsolute”. This album features guest appearances by Kam Lee, Rogga Johnson, Bobby TufinoSAVIORSKIN was formed when the remnants of former Gothic Doom band, ICONOCLAST, took a 12-year reprieve and then reunited. SAVIORSKIN takes influence from PARADISE LOST, GODFLESH, MY DYING BRIDE, TYPE O NEGATIVE, SISTERS OF MERCY, SAMUEL, FEAR FACTORY, CANDLEMASS, KATATONIA, and others. “Omnipotence of the Absolute” is filled with industrial and machinized tempos and vocals ranging from full of rage to chant-like; and the meaning of the album name is a stab at organized religion. Crafting a god to justify or blame anything on. The albums cover art has an interesting story as well. When asked in an interview SAVIORSKIN expressed the album picture depicts a mental patient being forced into a crucifixion pose in Germany in the year 1890. Back then patients were treated with an utter lack of dignity and often tortured or worse. SAVIORSKIN expressed that religion is the same type of effect to the indoctrinated mind.

PAINdemonium” - I like the guitar in this song quite a bit, it is played confidently and artfully. Taking cues from earlier death metal vocal styles, SAVIORSKIN, intersects it with post-punk. Mechanic, but not entirely industrial. The darkened yells are met with Doom guitar notes. Where this song is clinical and cold, it is also full with intrigue and of lilting melody. Igniting passion, interweaving rage. “Breaking Point” - Brash and hard, talking about your feeble mind breaking and the point in which all faith dies. Mechanic sounding vocals, even in tempo and emotionless; combined with synth-pop industrial darkness. Again, I find the guitar stands out; I always did love guitar the most. In this song the instrumentals set the emotional stage, while the vocals have an electronic monotony.

Chastising the Nothing” - Melodics laced throughout, accentuated by musical notes; epic drum, all-encompassing guitar. This song is a little less industrial and more poetry in musical notes; with a rhythm that is captivating, easily orchestrating your emotion. “Wages of Sin” - Rolling in with a merry-go-round type of fantastical melody, yet hardening the edge to knife edge angst. The rise of the waves of sound raises you up into the mountains of hope, and yet the deep longing despair drops you deep off the edge of the canyon far below.

SAVIORSKIN imagined their sound years ago, the mix of industrial, synth-pop, doom, and so on. After conceptualizing the sound, they had to perfect it. Landing squarely on “Omnipotence of the Absolute”. A dark, filthy, achingly haunting, full of both hope and despair… creation. Also, don’t forget to check out that creepy album cover.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. PAINdemonium
2. Indoctrinate
3. Breaking Point
4. Chastising The Nothing
5. Wages of Sin
6. Misandria
7. By Silence Betrayed
8. Worthless
Hypnos Ebrius - Bass, Vocals
Somnus Mortem - Drum programming, Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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