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Sawhill Sacrifice - Weri Ioca Waluo Award winner

Sawhill Sacrifice
Weri Ioca Waluo
by Paulo Maniaco at 05 August 2014, 6:31 PM

Black Metallers SAWHILL SACRIFICE have unleashed upon us yet another curse straight from the depths of hell, entitled "Weri Loca Waluo".

Forming in Finland in 2009 they have already unleashed three other curses on us, "Sawhill Sacrifice" Demo 2010, "Great Ones / Unhola" Demo 2012 and "Deus Humanas Satanas" full-length  2013, these maniacs are all about evil and serving the great master of hell, Satan himself.

Unlike the other albums this one is 100% Finnish including ancient lyrics and also sang in Finnish thus adding more meaning and hate towards the songs and their beliefs as well. Finland is well known for their passion for extreme music and SAWHILL SACRIFICE is no different.

The gates of hell is opened with "Tuska" and features Narqath and Grim666 as guests on the vocals, it is great recipe for Armageddon if you know what I mean, pure Black Metal, amazing pace, fast drumming, demonical vocals and hellish guitars riffs, excellent!

"Ukko" a nuclear bomb exploding in your face, total aggression with sharp razor vocals, somehow managing to hold some melodies as well, it is just too good to be true, but it is, I am so amazed with SAWHILL SACRIFICE, this is Black Metal at its best, Hail Finland!!!

The songs are very technical with very good structures unlike other Black Metal bands where the same tones are played over and over with the same beats and so on, lovers of true Black Metal bands like DARHK THRONE, WATAIN, CARPATHIAN FOREST will have to kneel to SAWHILL SACRIFICE because this guys fucking rule!! one of the best Black Metal albums  I have come across with thus far, the more you listen to it the more you feel descending into hell.

"Jaa" features  Hellwind on vocals as a guest, yet another perfect recipe for damnation, I really like the rhythm in this one, very catching and melodic and with the vocals tearing up flesh at the same time, great stuff and Hellwind does what he does best.

SAWHILL SACRIFICE have given us a fucking good album and having these special guests helping out with the curse it's just a great really, welldone indeed!!!

As production goes,  sounding is perfect, whoever did the mixing  did a fantastic job and the picture on the cover is also very good, so fans out there check this album out because it rules!!! Hail Finland, Hail Satan!!

5 Star Rating

1. Tuska  (Featuring on Vocals - Narqath  & Grim666)
2. Ukko
3. Voima
4. Varjo
5. Jaa  (Featuring On Vocals Hellwind)
6. Itseton
7. Paha
Blade - Guitar
Mandarax Guitar
B. Bogdanowitch - Bass
Lima - Drums
Thimns - Vocals
Record Label: Violent Journey Records


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